I don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to realise that Space Jam has become the premier global producer of the finest assortment of Gourmet E-Liquids that you can find, in such a wide variety of flavours and pairings that you just can’t resist.

It was nice to meet the faces behind the name recently and to have the opportunity of sharing the passion that exists at Space Jam for the vaping community both old and new by creating such well balanced flavoursome elixirs’ that exudes exceptional quality throughout its entire range.

I have selected five such delectable flavours for you to read about here in this review. This will give you a good indication of the delicious notes currently on offer to you from the eight that are available, with more stars being born as we speak to add to this collection.


The review has been carried out over a period of two weeks using two different manufacturer’s devices as I normally do for these reviews that include the New SMOK X Pro M80 Plus along with the Style of Mojo Chi You Megan.

I have also used a combination of three different tanks including latest Smok VCT Pro, Kayfun V4, and the Gladiolus X with resistance values of 0.5 Ω 1.1 Ω and 1.8 Ω using some of the ranges suggested in this chart for added consistency. They have also been tested for flavour and vapour production up to a maximum of 50W.

I believe that this will give both the retail supplier and consumer a fair and accurate assessment of the flavour and vapour production, as well as the throat hit this brand produces, which is important when considering stocking this particular range or purchasing them for your personal vaping pleasure. I also steeped them for two weeks before testing, allowing the full flavour to come to the fore.

REACH compliant

If you intend to use this range of E-Liquids, please make sure they meet the current requirements set out by your countries regulatory bodies.

For EU countries, more information on this can be found here along with REACH’s partner agencies from around the globe.

E-Liquids may contain diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyl (AP) or other carcinogenic ingredients or disease-causing substances, so please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

People can also suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils.

Again, please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews. Also, check with your E-liquid supplier or the equipment manufacturers directly before purchase and use.

And never leave your device charging unattended, make sure you are using the recommended battery if one is required for your device, and always remember, SAFETY FIRST.




The Glass bottles are tamper evident sealed and protected with a child safety cap that houses a glass pipette dispenser for easy filling or dripping of the E-liquid it contains along with safety instructions that should be read in full before purchasing.

There are currently eight assorted flavours in range with varying nicotine strengths between 00mg (0%) – Nicotine Free 03mg (0.3%) – Very Low 06mg (0.6%)  Low 12mg (1.2%) – Medium 18mg (1.8%) – High 24mg (2.4%) – Very High in bottle sizes of 15ml & 30ml. The PG/VG ratio for this range consists of a 50/50 balance.

Space Jam is producing one of the most sought after varieties of E-Liquid flavours currently used by vapers today, as well as being regarded as an established brand that strives to perfect each and every note to create something just that little bit more special. And after reviewing them for you here I’m beginning to understand the reasons why!


A subtle taste of fresh strawberries with a veiled taste of fine champagne for the nobility amongst you who require only the very best that life can offer, even in a vape. There are many devotees to this particularly delicious juice that provides that same crisp, sharp fizz that is associated with champagne and rounded off with a sweet strawberry, creating a memorable and long lasting taste that you simply cannot forget.


Discovered in 1930, and perfected by Space Jam in 2014.
Pluto is a predominantly sweet melon flavoured juice that incorporates fresh mint for added enjoyment.

On the inhale, you are overwhelmed with the mouth watering taste of ripe melon to savour until the exhale when a subtle note of fresh mint can also be enjoyed. This is a relatively straightforward combination of crisp and refreshing flavours that holds a lingering sweet fragrance of melon in the air to be equally savoured and appreciated.



How could you not include a tobacco flavoured vape reminiscent of a full-bodied Edgeworth ready rubbed pipe tobacco to offer those of you still trying to quit the analogue cigarette and move onto something that I believe is far more rewarding, with an increased choice of flavours just waiting for you to experience.

This was one of my favourite juices from Space Jam. Not because I’m an especially huge fan of tobacco flavours anymore, but quite simply put, they have got this blend just right.

The familiar top note of a nut on the inhale is fused just at the right point with a creamy undertone of sweet vanilla that removes any bitterness from your palate on the exhale. A simple but very effective blend that’s sure to satisfy your craving.


The first creation in this universally recognised line of E-liquids is most defiantly heaven sent. Being as popular today as it was at its inception back in 2012 Andromeda, was according to Greek Mythology a beautiful woman who was saved from death by Perseus.

Fortunately, for us, the reality based on this myth has turned out to be just as desirable and needs rescuing by you!

I would describe this as a sweet tart based flavour that includes an assortment of blueberries, finished off with a top note of pomegranate. This was an incredibly refreshing and delectable combination that is perfect to enjoy on hot summer days.

The inhale greets you with a rush of sweet fruits and it’s only on the exhale that you get to experience the underlying and sweet bottom note of tart.


And finally, Astro.
A sharp, crisp apple with strawberries and peaches to bring about yet another fulfilling combination of succulent fruits arranged in such a way that it allows for each fruit note to be clearly identifiable as well as being complementary to each other.

The inhale produces a slightly sharp yet refreshing apple flavour in union with the taste of sweet peach removing the sourness from the apple completely.

The exhale is where you pick up the added sweetness from strawberry making this a truly overwhelming vaping experience that you will savour and keep coming back for more. From the five juices reviewed, this one was my personal favourite.


The very fact that Space Jam has grown in size and stature since its creation way back in 2012 and is still as popular today as it was then is testament to all the hard work and effort which has gone into composing this superior line up of E-Liquids, allowing the customer to experience what a premium quality E-Liquid should actually taste like.

Both flavour and vapour production are excellent, especially when you take into consideration that this is only a 50/50 PG/VG balance, producing a very constant and smooth throat hit with the higher nicotine levels, along with superb vapour production as well.

So why not take a voyage of discovery for yourself and head to your local store to sample some of the delights on offer from the current Space Jam range that I can assure you is an extraterrestrial experience in itself, and one not to miss out on!

Prices are currently 15ml £9.00 & 30ml £16.00 15ml $12.00 & 30 ml $22.00 respectively.
For further details on this range, please use the contact information provided below.

Earthbound: Orange County California U.S.A
Website: Click Here  
Facebook: Click Here
Online Store Coming Soon.


All products are sent directly by the manufacturer for review

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