The G2 range developed by head mixologist Clinton Legg started life through one man’s desire and sheer determination to create a variety of flavours that could be endlessly enjoyed by himself, his friends, and the wider vaping community as a whole.

After many months of study, mixing, and reworking the different combinations using only the finest U.S based ingredients available, he trialled and finalised two juices that he felt were an improvement to what was currently available on the market at the time.

With the help of close friends he gained their reaction to each juice and received a resounding yes from all quarters and G2 and caRny4 became the first two juices in an ever growing and popular line of multi-layered and sophisticated juices that set a new benchmark in E-Liquid quality for others to follow.

Attention to detail was a critical factor in the original makeup combined with rigorous testing and retesting until perfection was achieved in the mind’s eye of the creator, a formula that has carried on ever since on every juice manufactured from G2.

They have even gone so far as to take into account the current and developing trends of the vaping community, allowing for their juices to withstand low ohm vaping.

Liquid Art Inc produces two juice lines. G2 Vapor premium E-liquid, and Prime G2 Vapor Ultra Premium E-liquid.

In this review, I will cover five juices from the G2 Vapor premium E-liquid range and hope to review their Ultra Premium E-liquids at a later date for you.

One further point worth mentioning is that all products are steep free, meaning you can vape them straight after purchase and expect great flavour production right from the off something I should have noted before writing this review!


I have reviewed these juices over a period of two weeks using the Kennedy Ruby Mod and the iPV400 with an attached Mutation X V4 RDA. I believe that this will give both the retail supplier and consumer a fair and accurate assessment of the flavour and vapour production, as well as the throat hit this brand produces, which is important when considering stocking this range or purchasing them for your personal vaping pleasure. I also steeped them for a period of one week before tasting, allowing the full flavour to come to the fore.

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REACH compliant

If you intend to use this range of E-Liquids, please make sure they meet the current requirements set out by your countries regulatory bodies.

For EU countries, more information on this can be found here along with REACH’s partner agencies from around the globe.

E-Liquids may contain diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyl (AP) or other carcinogenic ingredients or disease-causing substances, so please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

People can also suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils.

Again, please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews. Also, check with your E-liquid supplier or the equipment manufacturers directly before purchase and use.

Never leave your device charging unattended, make sure you are using the recommended battery if one is required for your device, and always remember, SAFETY FIRST.


Each juice arrived in a 30ml well-designed shrink wrapped and clearly labelled transparent glass bottle, including a glass pipette dispenser for efficient filling of your tank and for dripping your liquids too. The colourful labels depict a picture related to the juices to be found inside each bottle with some very original names as well!

All products used in the manufacture of these E-liquids from G2 Vapor are sourced in the USA, including the nicotine(not included in the 0mg) with strengths ranging from 0mg 3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg & 24mg. The caRn Y4 does not include the 3mg of nicotine.

Each juice combines both VG/PG in their makeup using a 40% PG / 60% VG for all nicotine strengths except 3mg.The 3mg uses a maximum VG ratio only. Labels include a health warning that should be read fully before purchasing, and made a little bit bigger as it was very difficult to read this quickly and easily.

The price range is currently $12 for the 15ml, $20 for the 45ml, and $50 for the 130ml.

UK pricing is £9 for the 15ml and £16 for the 45ml bottles. I have not seen the 130ml advertised here so far, but I will endeavour to update the pricing for this size at a later date.

Mr cookieIf you happen to be a big fan of the cookie jar and love the fresh baked smell that is associated with them, then you’re going to enjoy this vape a lot!

Mr Cookie is a slightly moist caramel flavoured vape with hints of vanilla flavouring mixed in for even more sweetness and pleasure. It carries with it an aroma of freshly baked cookies which adds to the pleasure of vaping this juice.

Throat hit and vapour production are both very impressive. I selected to vape this range using 18mg of nicotine, but in retrospect I would personally choose to use 12mg of nicotine instead with this particular juice allowing you to vape it a little on the warmer side without the added bite in the back of the palate, as too much throat hit takes away from the enjoyment of vaping this over an extended period, which you can quite easily!


ac551bea-28fa-46cc-b683-2f3e3def5996Dr Green is a tropical explosion of mouth-watering fruits that rates as one of the best in its class bar none.

On the inhale you are met with the refreshing combination of Apple and Sweet Pear, and on the exhale what appears to be Kiwi fruit with some additional subtle fruity notes reserved for the connoisseur of fruit flavoured vapes.

Throat hit and vapour are once again impressive, and you will find this is the case with all of the juices sent to me for review from G2.

Flavours clearly present in this juice are Apple, Pear, and Kiwi fruit, be careful not to miss out on the most subtle ones hidden away within these layers!


RY4Ry4 is a difficult tobacco flavoured vape to get right. Usually, you expect to taste too much sweetness of the caramel or vanilla flavourings on the exhale or be left with an overall bitter taste reminiscent of that bad draw on an analogue cigarette back in the bad old days, with a harsh itchy feeling in your throat to finish off with.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this attempt was a vast improvement over some of the ones I have tried in the past.

This is a caramel flavoured tobacco with vanilla undertones, which is both lite and rich in flavour, but in no way overpowering.

What I enjoyed most about this RY4 from G2 was the ability to allow each flavour to work together in perfect harmony rather than keeping their own distinctive flavour separate, giving way to a rich, mellow tobacco flavoured vape that you can enjoy throughout the course of the day without the need to change it for something a little different.

Blue pop shock

imagesMZ541NMTSomething that’s just that little different!

A simplistic juice in this range but one with plenty of bite to it. This is a  full on delicious raspberry flavoured vape, rich in taste and a sure favourite for those of you with a sweet tooth and a weakness for candy bars. Unlike the RY4, this is an E-juice that you can pick up, put down, but It never tires of making its presence felt, in a satisfying way.

Cactus juice
CatusA fruit layered bonanza. Cactus Juice combines a thirst-quenching selection of different fruits. Lemon and pineapple give this flavour a real zing to it on the inhale that is rounded off nicely on the exhale by a mouth-watering taste of sweet tangerine and orange. By far one of the best fruit juices I’ve tried.


The G2 line-up is another excellent range of juices for the consumer to enjoy. Choice of flavours is plentiful so you should be able to find a juice or juices that suit your preferred tastes, all of which are crafted in the U.S.A.

Once you have sampled them for yourself, you will quickly begin to understand what is required in today’s ever growing E-juice market to stand out from the crowd, and the effort undertaken in the preparation of their flavours have clearly paid off.

Each juice reviewed produced exceedingly good vapour production & flavour. Hidden layered notes keep you guessing as to what they actually are, which makes these juices even more attractive and exciting to vape on, in my opinion.

One area that could be improved upon is an increase in the print size for the health warning as I found it just a bit too small to read comfortably.

Delivery was prompt as always from the U.S and I was met with a friendly response from the G2 team at all times so expect the same.

I hope to review future juices from G2 vapor at a later date, but for now enjoy this current line up!

For further details on this range, please use the contact information provided below.




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