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It’s time to enter the heavyweight division with a kit that carries quite a punch to it!

The N1 Pro from Vaptio sees them enter the arena of high end devices aimed squarely at the experienced vaper.

I have a suspicion that this latest offering from Vaptio is going to generate quite a following over the coming weeks and months, not only because of its build quality, but its rich feature set, colour display and the numerous colour permutations on offer.

Combine this with the excellent design of the Frogman XL tank which boasts a unique spring-loaded top cap, 5ml reservoir in a choice of five separate colour configurations, five current coil heads to suit your requirements, and you begin to understand why this could be your next high-end kit this Christmas.

But, does it live up to the hype?


N1 PRO 240W Mod
Frogman W2 (0.4 Ohm) and W8 (0.15 Ohm) coil heads
Frogman XL 5ml Tank (2ml TPD Compliant Version Available)
Replacement Glass Tube
2x Battery Door Covers
USB Cable
User manuals
Warranty Card
QC Inspection Certificate

N1 Pro Features & Specifications

Colour Options: Black & Gold, White & Gold, White & Red, Black & Red
Size: 92.2mm x 55mm x 45mm (Two Battery Configuration)
Size: 92.2mm x 55mm x 39.6mm (Three Battery Configuration)
Dual battery mode:
Weight: N1 Pro 317g (Dual Battery Config) 395g (Triple battery Config)
Screen size & Type: 0.91 TFT
Output modes: VW/Bypass/Temp Control
Battery Capacity: 2/3 18650
Output wattage:1-240W
Resistance Ranges: 0.1Ω-5.0Ω
USB charging current: DC 5V-1A
Multiple Safety Features

Frogman XL Features & Specifications

Tank Colour Options: Stainless Black Blue Purple
Glass Colour Options: Stainless Black Blue Purple, Green
Capacity: 5ml Max
Size: H 56mm x W 26.5mm
Frogman W8 Coil 0.15Ω Kanthal (Pre-Installed)
Rating: 50W-110W
Best Between: 60W-80W

Frogman W2 Coil 0.4Ω Kanthal
Rating: 30W-80W
Best Between: 45W-65W
Additional Coil Options Available

 Tools Of The Trade & Safety Information

People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. Seek professional medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

For an in depth look at battery types, performance, and safety information, follow this link to the Mooch Facebook page.
You can also find the Mooch Blog over at ECF.

You may also find this range of calculators provided by Steam Engine particularly useful, so thank you to Lars for allowing me to include them in my reviews.

These calculators are currently under development, and the information that they contain may change at any time without notice. Please read the How It Works section for a more in-depth understanding.

The Juice

In this review, I have used a selection of E-Liquid flavours from Dripsters exclusive range of Premium E-liquids.
UK Retailers Can Contact: Virtual Vapours for more information on this hot selling line from the USA.

Frogman XL Tank

A great deal of time has been spent designing this part of the kit as well, and it’s most definitely one of the better atomizers on the market now, with a well-designed spring-loaded safety cap.

The Frogman XL has a large 5ml capacity which is clearly required given that the device has a maximum output of well over 200W.

And with a large but comfortable wide bore chuff cap, the Frogman XL tank is easily capable of producing some big clouds.

Start by opening the spring-loaded safety top cap to gain access to the tank in a 120° anti-clockwise motion.

You will see two large filling ports on either side with flexible anti-spill covers situated directly underneath each one.

Insert your dispenser and fill the tank leaving enough time for the E-liquid to fully soak into the coils (around 2-3 minutes) before vaping, to avoid a dry hit and permanently damaging the coil head.

Once this is completed, push down on the spring-loaded safety top cap and turn to lock it back into place in a 120° clockwise motion.

The airflow control ring has three large intakes situated directly below the glass tank. Remember to open them to your desired setting prior to vaping.

Connection is made via the 510 connector situated on the platform atop of the V1 Pro device.

Vaptio have included two coil head options in this kit, with a further two multicore structured options currently on offer.

To replace the coil head when a new one is required, invert the tank and unscrew the base in an anti-clockwise motion. Remove the coil using the same method, and replace it with a new one making sure it is seated firmly in place.

Re-attach the base in a clockwise motion and it’s as simple as that. Vaptio included a circular ring of locking teeth to avoid loosening of the coil head when the base is being removed from the main body of the tank.

Vaptio N1Device

Attach the Frogman XL atomizer making sure you have primed the coils and filled the tank via the 510 connector. An error message will be displayed if one is not attached to the device.

The main options available to you with the N1 Pro are: Wattage Mode, Voltage Mode, Bypass Mode (Mech mode- using an unregulated power supply), CPS Mode (Customizable Power Settings), TC Mode-TCR Mode.

Press the fire button 5 times to turn the device on. You will be met with a message asking you if this is a new atomizer?

Select yes to enter the main menu (Out Mode) then select regulated from the choices available.

This displays all the required information that relates to the current settings and battery levels.

The “Out Mode” choices are: Regulated, Bypass, Temper, Custom, Screen Off, and Return, using the arrow at the bottom.

You can scroll through the different menu features using the Up & Down buttons positioned directly below the colour display, and the Fire Button above it to select the one you have chosen.

A further three presses of the power button takes you into a sub-menu that includes, Out Mode, System, And Back. Out mode returns you to the main menu, System offers you a further choice of settings which include: T Unitize (°C or °F) TCR Data (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) Set Custom (Three Custom Curve) Memories) Smoke Time (Vape Duration 5-10sec), Sleep Time (Screen Illumination 20-180 sec).

From here you have a choice of options available to you which includes, Regulated, Bypass Temper Custom, Screen Off, and a back arrow which takes you back into

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance is basically a number that describes how the resistance of metal in our coils fluctuates as it changes temperature.

The V1 Pro also has a device locking function added for safety. Press the fire button five times in quick succession to either activate it or deactivate it.

To turn the device off, press the fire button five times in quick succession to lock the device, and then hold the power button in for a further 2/3 seconds and the words “System Off” will be displayed.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to use each one of the many features to be found on this device, please read the included and well-illustrated user manual.

Worth The Investment?

Overall impressions of the Vaptio N1 Pro Kit are very positive.

The materials used in the construction of both the tank and the device make for a rugged combination that’s certainly built to last.

It’s a heavy piece yes, but the finish and features make up for this. So, the N1 Pro Kit really is must have for Christmas in my opinion, and is aimed squarely at the experienced vaper with a full suite of vaping options available to you.

The tank comes in either 2ml (TPD Compliant) or 5ml capacities with a comfortable chuff cap that includes a spring-loaded child proof safety cap and excellent airflow around the coil heads, in an abundant choice of colours when you include the Pyrex glass options.

The Kanthal coils are superb with increased longevity albeit with a drop off in flavour towards the end of their life cycle. The resistance in VW is consistent and an ideal choice for vaping at higher temperatures.

One thing you will notice after installing a new Kanthal coil is a slight metallic taste for the first half dozen inhales or so before it disappears completely. After that, the flavour of your chosen E-liquid comes to the fore!

Variable wattage mode clearly has a great deal of power on offer, and the response times when firing the N1 Pro showed little lag if any at all which like TC mode, is testament to a well-designed chipset.

Temp Mode really does excel, and delivered one of the best experiences I’ve had recently using SS, producing a warm consistent vaping experience. Quicker access to set the wattage in TC mode would be a bonus on future releases.

If you happen to be someone who requires finite adjustment of your settings to experience the optimum flavours produced from your E-Liquids, then the Custom Curves will be just the tool you require.

And don’t forget, you also can dial in your temperature coefficient of resistance as well to obtain the perfect balance.

Once you have mastered the technique of setting it the results will certainly pay dividends. One for the flavour chasers to take note of!

Bypass mode creates the ability to vape using the V1 Pro just like an unregulated mechanical device (constant amount of power (voltage x current). This mode of operation should only be used by vapers who have a thorough understanding of ohm’s law and battery safety.

The colour display is fine and viewable in direct sunlight. It would be a welcome edition to include an autorotate feature in the next release, with the option to set one colour of your choice for all the displayed settings?

Battery indication on the TFT display depicts whether the device is being used in two, or three battery mode, depending on what backplate has been attached to the device. You can run the device up to its maximum of 240W, but only in the three-battery configuration.

The ability to turn the screen off saves unnecessary power consumption too, which is a nice touch.

Removal of the puff counter from the software was an interesting development, a function from a bygone era, and not really suited for this type of device or style of vaping which is clearly aimed at the experienced vaper rather than the ex-smoker.

Positioning of the buttons and their functionality proved to be positive which only required a gentle press to activate them and responded with a solid audible click.

The interchangeable battery doors caused no problems at all. Well designed. I would recommend charging the batteries externally as the process is not only quicker, but safer too!

A few small suggestions for a further release would be to make the top plate more accessible for larger tanks with a diameter of more than 25mm, and remove any unnecessary accents from the outer casing for a cleaner finish.

A future RDA would also be a most welcome addition to the Vaptio family.

The finish that has been used makes it very comfortable to hold given its weight, and with an array of vaping options available to you, it’s not one to be taken lightly!

A big performer, and a very big step in the right direction for Vaptio.
1055 North Argonia Place,
Walnut, CA 91789

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