After writing some relatively complex and in-depth reviews, lately, it was nice to receive a product that required minimal input from me personally thanks to it’s clever and simplistic design features.

With a myriad of choice out there in today’s electronic cigarette market, it can be very confusing for the newcomer looking to kick that old habit of traditional cigarettes and switch to what I and many millions more like me around the world believe to be a healthier and better alternative, Vaping.

During the last two years, there has been an explosion of companies offering consumers a far greater choice of batteries and atomizers, new designs with increased power outputs on what appears to be an almost weekly basis.

Vape CTS is a company based in Santa Ana California who have quickly recognised that there is a niche market to be filled and have targeted this gap with a highly ingenious device called the CTS (Closed Tank System) perfectly suited for the first time user or should I say vaper!

Featuring a simple plug-in juice pod that includes a wide and growing choice of E-juice flavours to vape with. Housed in a simple to operate 2500mAh battery resembling the size of a slim cigarette pack, all you have to do to operate it is insert your pod, power up the battery, and vape, it really is that simple.

Also, not only do you have a wide choice of flavours from known established brands to choose from, but they have also included a large choice of battery Skins as well to suit your personal taste, making the CTS 20 box mod design even cooler.

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OK, so what is the K20 Closed Tank System?

The K20 CTS is one of the simplest vaping devices I’ve seen personally on the market to date. It’s as easy as popping in the flavour pod to the unit and pushing the firing button and, of course, vaping it.

The pods are the only true closed tank system available, making it far easier for inexperienced e-cigarette users to start vaping, with little to no hassle at all for the complete beginner alleviating the requirement to fill or clean the tank when changing the different flavours on offer to you.

REACH compliant

If you intend to use this range of E-Liquids, please make sure they meet the current requirements set out by your countries regulatory bodies.

For EU countries, more information on this can be found here along with REACH’s partner agencies from around the globe.

E-Liquids may contain diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyl (AP) or other carcinogenic ingredients or disease-causing substances, so please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

People can also suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour.  Again, please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews. Also, check with your E-liquid supplier or the equipment manufacturers directly before purchase and use.

And never leave your device charging unattended, make sure you are using the recommended battery if one is required for your device, and always remember, SAFETY FIRST.


CTS stands for Closed Tank System which means the pods can’t be drained and then refilled with e-liquid like the current tanks on the market, it comes already pre-filled and completely sealed with American produced E-juice flavours.

The pods have also been designed to be disposable, so you can simply throw them away once they are empty and just replace with a new one.

The K20 CTS uses a 2500mAh battery that should last sometime between 3- 4 days without requiring a charge depending on your personal use. On the front side of the unit is a clear LED display that illuminates every time you press the fire button. The five bars are illuminated when fully charged and increment down as the charge decreases inside the battery giving you a visual indication as to how much battery life is remaining.

A point worth noting is that you can flood the pod should you accidentally block the air intake hole near the chevrons. The chamber will flood if you try to take a hit. To fix this simply grab a paper towel or napkin, place it near the chevrons, and blow into the tip to force the flooded juice out of the air intake hole just like any current cleromizer.


How to use your KTS 20

To turn the device on you will find the “fire” button located on the top of the device where the angle is. Simply click or press the button quickly five (5) times. You will notice the flashing of both the firing button and the battery indicator lights when your device is activated or on.

They DO NOT recommend that you press the firing button when there is NO Flavour Pod inserted in the chamber. Only push the firing button when there is a flavour pod inserted into the device.

To turn the device off just press the firing button quickly five (5) times. You will see the button flashing along with the battery indicator.
They also recommend that when you are not using the device,  you should turn the device off. This will prevent the remote possibility that when carrying your device (in your pocket or purse) the firing button gets pressed accidentally.

1508119_1551592521789615_448903229123013879_nThe CTS 20 was designed so that the firing button is neatly recessed helping to reduce the possibility of the device firing accidently. Continued pressing of the fire button can cause the battery to heat up, so the inclusion of a 10-second cut-off would be a sensible inclusion here bearing in mind it is aimed at first-time users, so please be aware of this.

To insert your flavour pod make sure the device is switched off and on the opposite side of the firing button, you will see a slot for the flavour pod to place into. There is a channel along the inside of the body.

A reference point to remember is that the mouthpiece is always situated on the outside. If you look inside of the body you will see there is only one way the pod will fit. Make sure you press the flavour pod down until you hear it click into place.

To check it’s working correctly simply power the device and start vaping.

Your device is equipped with a built-in, very long lasting 2500mAh battery. There are five indicator bars as I have mentioned, and as the battery is used, these “bars” will no longer illuminate or light up. Depending on usage, you will still have quite a bit of battery life once the bars begin to go dark but at this point, you will need to re-charge it.

On the bottom of the device, there is a micro USB port. Just plug (any) micro USB plug into the device to start charging. You should see all five illuminated bars when the device is again fully charged. (Never leave your device charging unattended)

There is a troubleshooting section on the website that I have included for you below so please check this first if you find you are experiencing any problems before contacting your vendor or the company directly.

Troubleshooting if your device does not work

Let’s face it, your device is electronic. Even the best manufacturers can’t prevent a small percentage of units from not working. There are a couple of things you can try before you declare your device is defective.

When you push the firing button, does it light up?

If so, that means there is electricity from the battery, good.

If no, then your device may need charging. If after you have tried this and it doesn’t work, let us know.

I put a pod in, push the firing button and it doesn’t produce vape.

Make sure the pod is “clicked in” all the way. Sometimes if the pod is not in all the way, the device will not work.

The other possible problem is that the connection has been corrupted. These devices are durable, but also disposable. There is the possibility that the connection to the unit is flawed. If this is the case, we will happily get you a new pod.


For those of you like me who have been vaping for some time, and can remember being told there really isn’t much you need to learn about vaping when you left the shop. With the device set and tank already filled by the vendor only, to find that all the good advice he gave you a short while ago has almost been forgotten, and you’ve adjusted that thing called watts, or was it volts? to increase for a better throat hit.

All of a sudden you’re experiencing a burning sensation rather than that sweet tasting juice that cost you your hard earned money only a short time ago, not to mention the coil that you are now frying as well which will have to be replaced. And what was that thing called ohm’s Law all about!

You get the point; clearly, it can be very off-putting for first-time users experiencing these initial problems and wondering what is so special about vaping? I can distinctly remember going out and buying a pack of 20 cigarettes borne out of sheer frustration of not getting the result I was initially promised (my fault for not understanding of course) which nearly ended my chance of quitting cigarettes altogether right there.

The Flavour Pod is going to be a real godsend for first-time users due to its simplistic design and ease of operation.  Helping to encourage and not to deter them from making the switch from cigarettes or indeed cigars. So I guess you can say that I’m impressed with its design and functionality of the K20 being a great starting point for new vapers.

Creating a lightweight, slim, stylish box mod appearance keeps in with today’s trend so it will fit in really well with the current designs out there today allowing newcomers to fit in straight away.

Battery power at 2500mAh lasted me personally around three days of vape time which is more than acceptable, and I still had some juice left in the attached pod by the end of the charge.

The clear battery display gives you five illuminated red indication bars when fully charged which you can see each time you press the fire button, so you can easily tell when you need to re-charge your device at a glance.

Being both slim and light weight made it easy to carry inside my jacket pocket, and I felt reassured enough to do this without the fear of an E-liquid leak that was a first for me personally anyway. And remember to turn your battery off when carrying it around or not using it for the purpose it was designed for. Vaping & Quitting!

The positioning of the fire button was fine as was the charge port position so I cannot foresee any problems in these two areas.

Vapour production was also good producing an airier type vapour more akin to that of a traditional cigarette that is what a new user would expect to experience.

The only change I would make to this personally would be the option to use 510 drip tips instead of the plastic one attached to the flavour pod. This will allow people to customise their device a little more as well, and, of course, the inclusion of a 10 second cut off safety feature.

I hope many of the current and future E-liquid manufacturers will welcome the opportunity to include their personal flavour lines in the pods giving the first time user the opportunity to experience why so many of us have made the changeover. After all, there are far more smokers currently than vapers, so it makes sense to me to introduce them early on to your particular brand!

Overall I’m very impressed by this design and remember who this has been designed primarily for, so if you are looking to make the change from traditional cigarettes then the K20 CTS is truly a great place to start!

RRP $39.95

Thanks to Closed Tank System Corp. for providing the Technical specifications for this review and Images featuring the K20 CTS.

For further details, please visit their website at
or visit them on Facebook & Instagram.
Telephone: 1714.240.9511

Closed Tank System Corporation
3609 W. MacArthur Blvd,
Building 811,
Santa Ana
California 92704


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  1. Great products, battery and juice pods. We are one of numerous leading e-liquid manufacturers supplying to the Vape CTS, Closed Tank System. All or our CTS products are made in the cleanroom with ISO8 certification with full tracing, tracking, and recall systems.

    We have been very happy with the no fuss, no mess, full flavor, and great vapor production of the K20CTS.

    We are happy and grateful to see a great review from an independent agency.

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