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The XPRO M80 PLUS is the latest in a line of precision engineered high powered vaping devices from SMOK TECH. Primarily designed for the cloud chasing enthusiast and to facilitate the arrival of their new Gimlet Cloud Chaser sub ohm Tank. The XPRO M80 PLUS has a range of 6w all the way up to 80W, but clearly caters for vapours who prefer to vape at lower wattage settings as well.

Housed in a solidly built and elegantly styled box design the M80+ is as striking in its appearance as it is in its performance.

Offering three choices of vaping modes which now includes temperature control, and by listening to the requests of their user base, SMOK has added a vape while charging function as well to the M80+ in order to give them the very best vaping experience possible, and in a choice of four different colour options too.

The design team along with engineering department have apparently looked at giving this more than just a facelift over the previous model the M80 and as a consequence the M80+ now contains an enclosed battery compartment giving you 4400mAh of extended vape time generating enough power to last you for days without the necessity to recharge your device quite so often.

To coincide with the release of the M80 PLUS SMOK have also released a new sub ohm tank called the Gimlet Cloud Chaser offering pre-built 0.2 sub ohm Japanese organic cotton coils in order to reach its maximum 80w output. I have been sent one for the purpose of this review and I will look at it separately and in more detail next time, but if you are considering purchasing the M80+ after reading this article then clearly this is one to watch out for!


The XPro M80 Plus has been sent directly to me for review from SMOK TECH to evaluate its performance and features.

The device came in a shrink-wrapped box that includes a picture of the XPro M80 Plus. On the outer sleeve is a product introduction on the bottom section that also denotes the models colour, batch number, and barcode to check the products authenticity. Removing the outer sleeve you find a black box with the silver SMOK logo printed on the top. Just lift off the cover to access the contents inside.


The Smoktech XPro M80 Plus Kit Box Contents Include the following:

1 x 80W SMOK XPro M80 Plus VW MOD – 4400mAh capacity
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x User Manual
1x eGo 510 Connector

With a choice of four different colours to choose from which include Black, Silver, Grey and Gold, the  M80 plus caters for a wide selection of personal tastes so be sure to check you have the correct colour prior to purchasing your device and opening it. Also please verify the warranty period should any be included with the XPro M80 Plus prior to purchase as well. This will differ depending on your location, but I believe it to be 30 days from the date of purchase.

What’s new

Here is a list of Smoktech XPro M80 Plus Features & Specifications

Size: 85 x 55 x 22mm
Materials: aluminium alloy and zinc alloy
weight 174g
510 Threaded
510 to eGo Adapter Included
Adjustable spring loaded pin
Intelligent OLED display
Battery capacity (4400mAh as mentioned on their website Manual states 4000mAh)
Built in 18650 Li-polymer batteries x2 (Do Not Remove)
Recommended charge time 3hrs
Minimum output 6w Maximum output 80w
Advanced USB charge port
Minimum resistance: 0.1 ohms up to 3.0 atomizer
Short Circuit protection
Discharge protection
Temperature control (regulates temperatures between 200 & 900 degrees Fahrenheit)
System reset button
3x Operating modes (VW-Temp Control- Mech mode)
Intelligent monitor vaping plan
Locking Function
Vape while charging pass-through capability
System reset button ( situated between the + & – buttons)
Heat dissipation holes positioned at the base of the unit
CE safety certified
Ver. 6 firmware installed

Operation & Performance

90E0D184A29CFCC01FBB8AABD23E01E62EFC24B3For the purpose of conducting this review, I have used a selection of two different E-Liquids with varying PG/VG combinations from Virgin Vapor and the classified collection.

If you are already a supplier or intend to supply this range of E-Liquids, please make sure that they meet the current requirements set out by your countries regulatory bodies.

REACH compliant

If you intend to use this range of E-Liquids, please make sure they meet the current requirements set out by your countries regulatory bodies.
For EU countries, more information on this can be found here along with REACH’s partner agencies from around the globe.

E-Liquids may contain diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyl (AP) or other carcinogenic ingredients or disease-causing substances, so please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. Again, please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews. Also, check with your E-liquid supplier or the equipment manufacturers directly before purchase and use.

You might find this range of calculators provided by Steam Engine particularly useful, so thank you to Lars for allowing me to include them in my reviews. These calculators are currently under development, and the information that they contain may change at any time without notice. Please read the How It Works section for a more in-depth understanding. And never leave your device charging unattended, make sure you are using the recommended battery for your device, and always remember, SAFETY FIRST.

Potential Polycarbonate problems

It is well known that certain e-liquid ingredients can cause cracking or even melting of polycarbonate plastic or acrylic tanks and tubes. For further information on this subject, please check with your E-juice supplier or contact the manufacturer directly.

I have been using the Smoktech X Pro M80 Plus continually over the past three weeks to test the functionality of this device as thoroughly as possible and to gauge its overall performance for you.

Operation of the Smoktech XPro M80 Plus is both simple and straightforward to use.

To activate the XPro M80 Plus battery press the power/fire button five times and you are met with the Welcome caption along with a smiling face image.

The XPRO M80 consists of five menu options that can be accessed in the power on mode by pressing the power/fire button 3xs in quick succession. To scroll through the five menu options available to you press the power/fire again using single presses until you reach the option you require. Once you have reached number 5, a further press will take you back to option number 1.

Here is a list of the function’s that the XPRO M80 PLUS provides allowing you quick access to modify any of the parameters you wish to change in order to get the desired vaping setup you want to use.

Option 1
XPro_M80_PlusWattage Mode/ Temp Mode/ Mech Mode.

From here you can select between the 3 choices of vaping modes the M80+ has to offer.

Firstly the wattage mode allows you to set the output of your choice between a minimum of 6W up to a maximum of 80W in incremental steps of 0.1.  Holding down either the + or – buttons will accelerate this process allowing you to reach the maximum and minimum values far quicker. This is one of the best performing devices for this particular function, and personally, I don’t think you could ask for much more apart from being able to round robin between 0-80 or vice versa.

Temp Mode allows you to set your desired temperature setting in conjunction with Menu 4. Firstly set the device to Temp Mode in Option 1 and move to Option 4 by pressing the power/fire button 3x until you reach option 4. Here you can regulate the atomizer temperature between 200℉ up to 900℉ in steps of 10℉ by using the + or – buttons in steps of 10℉. Temp control was designed solely for the purpose of adjusting the temperature in order to obtain the best possible flavour from your chosen E-Liquids. Make sure you only ever use nickel or titanium coils in temperature controlled devices in order to prevent inhaling toxic fumes.

Mech Mode allows the XPRO 80+ to function in similar fashion to that of a pure Mechanical device. For novice vapours and inexperienced users of mechanical devices, this mode of operation is not recommended for you at all.

When switched to Mech mode the M80 Plus no longer functions like a traditional personal vaporiser offering you all the included safety features to avoid things like short circuit protection or over-discharge which could lead to the battery venting on you (catching fire) or even worse.

Please make sure you have a full and thorough understanding of battery drain before attempting to vape using this method along with a solid knowledge ohm’s law. There is plenty of information to be found on the internet about vaping safely using a mechanical device should you wish to do so.

Option 2
Provides you with an intelligent puff counter. Set to a default of 0.00 no puffs will be counted and you can vape continuously while the power is on. However, if you increase this by pressing the + button, you can limit how many puffs to allow yourself during the 24-hour day. If you go above this desired setting press the – button to go back down in incremental steps of 5 until you reach your personal limit for the day.

Option 3
Allows you set the current time and date depending on your time zone displaying a 24hr clock along with the current date inside the OLED window.

Use the power/fire button to get to option 3 and then by using the power/fire button again in the menu scroll along to the field that needs to be modified and change the value with the +/- buttons. Continue to perform these actions until you have set up the correct parameters in the time and date fields.

Option 4
a45dd38d-206d-40d9-99eb-637f04e7363dAs discussed previously in Option 1. in the temperature setting mode section is where you can adjust the temperature settings that range from 200℉ up to 900℉ ℉ in steps of 10℉ by using either the + or – buttons depending on whether you wish to increase or decrease the current temperature.

Option 5
 Allows you to turn off the device from here displaying a Goodbye caption along with a smiling face image too. Again press the power/fire button x3 enter the options menu and access the fifth option. Inside you will see the power off power on choices. To turn off the device leave power off displayed in the window and the XPRO 80+ will turn itself off.

There is also a locking function on the device to stop accidental activation of the fire button when not in use. Just press the power/fire button x5 in quick succession to turn the locking function on or off.

For more information on the functionality of this device and displayed message prompts, please consult the supplied manual and read fully prior to operation.

The first thing you are going to notice is the build quality of the XPRO 80 Plus when you first take it out of the box. Reminiscent of the iTaste VTR, this box mod, has all the hallmarks of a device that’s built to stand the test of time. Heavier than some of the current models currently available at 174g but not overly so it should be able to stand up to the knocks and bumps of daily life without any foreseeable problems.

The 510 connector allows for flush mounting of all the tanks I have fitted during this review seamlessly, and I have not had any problems firing atomizers attached via the included eGo adapter either.

Positioning of the power/fire button is recessed along with the OLED screen and the plus and minus buttons which not only makes the device more ascetically pleasing but, will help to stop accidental firing of the device should you put it down on this side.

Activation of the fire button produces a soft, smooth click requiring little pressure and is well positioned. The OLED screen situated just beneath it is clear but for me a little small, however, you can still read the information on it quite clearly. The information displayed will change depending on the current mode of operation. Using wattage mode as an example a battery charge level indicator is situated on the left and to the side of this is the current resistance or your attached atomizer with the voltage being applied just below.

To the right of these and in a larger text is the current wattage value that has been selected. If you have not attached an atomizer and press the fire button, the message check atomizer will be displayed.

Likewise, the plus & minus buttons require only lite pressure to be applied in order to activate them, and situated between them is the reset button which will return the function settings back to factory default should you experience any problems with the firmware.

Both venting and charging of the two housed 18650 batteries is positioned on the base of the unit. The batteries themselves are not to be changed or replaced by the user. Should you be unlucky enough to have an issue with them, please return your device to the reseller or SMOK TECH directly for repair. Details of which can be found on their website.

As for its performance the XPRO 80 PLUS has delivered immense flavour and vapour production at its 80w setting in conjunction with the Gimlet Cloud Tank with no noticeable problems at all. Ramp up time in temp mode could be a little quicker taking just that bit longer than I had initially expected it to do, and I understand a firmware upgrade should arrive shortly to improve this somewhat. It’s clearly not a huge problem, but worth mentioning anyway.


Quite simply put, worth every cent, an almost flawless performer during this review with excellent battery life as well.

The Smok X Pro M80 is a richly featured device that provides plenty of vaping options that should please many people due to its stunning performance and stylish looks.

There are not many PV’s that currently offer a mechanical operating mode at present. So with the addition of the new vape while charging option it appears that SMOK has listened to its user base and included what they would like to the current range of features.

Build quality is first class, feeling every inch like a device worth far more than its actual value suggests. It’s comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand with no sharp edges to cause you any discomfort, especially with the satin finish that has been applied to its overall surface.

The positioning of the control surface is well thought out, and I have not had any problems with it so far where the layout is concerned providing quick and easy access to the switches and functions as and when required.

The temperature sensing still needs to be perfected to prevent burnt hits occurring on an empty tank. So please be warned!

Being picky, it would be nice to have a simple three-click on off option with menu five changed to the locking function when the device is switched on, which should save a little more operational time. Also, as I have mentioned earlier a quicker response time in Temp Mode (Limiter?) which it appears is already being addressed via a new firmware release.

RRP £60.00 $79.00 although I have seen it advertised cheaper than this.

Coming up shortly here for review is the SMOK TECH Gimlet Cloud Chaser that I have already mentioned, and I also suggest keeping an eye out for their new VCT Pro tank as well. Hearing good things about it already!

For further details on the SMOK TECH XPRO 80 Plus and any other of the SMOK TEC products, please visit their online website or your local brick and mortar stockiest.

Thanks to SMOK TECH for providing the Technical specifications for this review and Images of the X-Pro M80 Plus.

Firmware upgrades Information:

3rd Floor of TeAn Jiejing Nengyuan Technology Building,
Langshan 2nd Road,
Northern Area of the Science & Technology Park,
Nanshan District,
Shenzhen China
+ 86 755 26977815
+ 86 136 3155 3159 (Mobile)

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  1. I am using the xpro m80 with an innokin isub g and was wondering what you would say a good temp and watt setting would be. Thanks

  2. Your style is really unique compared to other folks I have read stuff from.
    I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this blog.

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  4. Hi I seem to be having a problem with my smok box m80 plus . when I press the power button I get the time and date on the display . no power to the coil , I need to sort this out fast ! Any ideas please .

  5. What wall adaptor should you use when charging this device?
    Jim patrick

  6. My charging port stoped working on my smok pro m80 it wont charge at all ive had it about 4 to 5 months what can i do is it fixable

    • I’m currently trying to fix mine as well for this issue. The micro usb. reciever snapped at one of its two connection points and we pivoting the connection pins off and away from the board connection point. I’m currently waiting for glue to dry and see if it’s able to charge again afterwards.

      For those wondering it IS POSSIBLE to remove the housing and just have the guts of it in front of you. But the batteries ARE hardwired to the board.

    • Yeh, I bought the SMOK M80 XPlus and it has been a huge piece of Shit! Even when it was “working” i had the tendency to read the Coil resistance way higher than it was and cause a extremely unnecessary high Volt vape that burnt my throat and of course tasted horrible. This sort of thing would happen 2 out 6 times. I had to adjust the spring and it helped but not consistent enough. Then out of nowhere my Micro USB recessed and broke away from the board which rendered it impossible to charge. I tried for hours upon days to tinker with the USB to fix it but nothing worked. I was considering buying a small Micro USB and soldering a new one on, but decided against all that. Bottom line here is I if it was a solid product I wouldn’t keep reading the same crap I experienced. I’ve had an IStick 50w and I love the quality of build on that. I now have a 150w Sigelei and I really love it. The SMOK however, as far as the M80 Box goes, is a clunky P.O.S. I do however hear that SMOK’s latest Sub Tank is top notch… right up thee with The Herakles.. which is my fav. Anyway, that’s my experience and my opinion on the SMOK M80 Xplus. When you hold it in your hands it even feels poorly made. imo Save your money and get a sigelei

  7. When I charge my M80 Plus to full and use it for a while the battery charge level indicator gets to half way and then the unit cuts out. Power is reduced etc. So I have to charge it again. Is this right or should the battery charge level indicator suppose to be empty before the unit needs a recharge.

    Please help.

  8. Just bought one, great device, its my second PV but what temp do I set it to? its defaulted to 200 degrees, do I leave it there?

  9. well i have had pretty bad luck i firstly went for a wismec presa 40w which i had to take back to my shop twice after the second time i opted to change to the smok m80+ which i loved but in under 1 month the mini usb broke away from the circuit board rendering my unit useless. Took it back to the same shop to be told it was user error and not covered!!! so i’m not at all happy!!

    • Buy kanger mod durability others can’t match.using subox nano kit everyday for last 4yrs without issues except for body wearing part drop many times even my 2 batteries had exploded while using cause their time had came to d end still d mod performs like d 1st day it came out of box.

  10. I am using this smok m80+ mod . one day, i didnt use it for 1 day . I cant power on after that . I a lot of thing but it didnt works . It cant power on .

  11. How do I adjust voltage mine showin 0, and what should it be I only use up to 12 watts
    Thanks in advance


  12. Hey my 80 watt smok battery is frozen. It won’t turn off or reset. Can someone help me ?

  13. Se puede vaporizar cogollos, o es solo para extractos.? Saludos

  14. This is a really cool little device.. Nice review!

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