Yet another enticing combination has arrived from the shores of China and arrived at the white cliffs of Dover in the form of the Quantum “BRIT” Mini Kit.

Not a kit car as you might have first thought from my initial introduction, but a new TPD compliant atomizer matched together with the popular Quantum 80 to whet your appetite.

Small, in size but not performance, the new Brit one mini boasts a top fill design with a top airflow control system as well in a choice of four fashionable colour schemes and two coil options.

The Quantum 80 has a large following already since its release some months back thanks to its outstanding feature set, compact size, and performance, so it was no surprise to me at least that SMOK would choose to pair them both together to make an ideal mini kit.

That said, let’s see how they both work and performed over the last three weeks since their arrival.



The Brit mini kit comes in its usual smart packaging once again displaying the actual colour of the four available options on the front cover of the box. On the exterior, you will find a sticker with the barcode, Serial No, Colour, BM2 – 1.2ohm Dual Core (pre-installed), and a scratch to remove strip that shows the products authenticity.

On the sides of the box are the QR codes for the App Store and Google Play plus, the SMOK App.

On the base of the box you will find a full description of its contents and a brief description of the device plus the tank and disclaimers.

 In The Box

Quantum 80W MOD
Brit Mini Flavour Tank
BM2 – 1.2ohm Dual Core (pre-installed)
BM2 – 0.6 Dual Core
Replacement Glass Tube
USB Charging/Upgrading Cable
Spare Parts
User Manual


Quantum 80 Mod Specifications

Main Features:

Colour Options: Mint Green, Sakura Pink, Starry Black, and White
510 Connector Type: Spring Loaded
Wattage: 1W-80W
Adjustable voltage range: 0.8 – 9V
Temperature Control Range: 200 – 600F / 100 – 315C
Battery: Type 18650
Battery Quantity: 1pc (not included)
Battery Cover Type: Magnetic
Charge Port: USB

Tech Specs

Material: Zinc alloy
Product size : L4.00 x W2.30 x H8.60 cm
Product weight: 0.130 kg
Output power: 1W – 80W
Output voltage: 0.8V – 9V
Temperature control range: 200 – 600F / 100 – 315C
OTA ( Over-The-Air ) technology, smart APP for wireless upgradable
Stealth fire key design,
Large OLED Screen,
Intelligent TC / VW modes supports temperature control using SS, Ni200 and Ti wire.
Resistance ranges: 0.1 – 3.0 ohm (VW mode), 0.06 – 2.0 ohm’s ( TC )
Battery: Single 18650 battery (not included)
Input current: 1A ( minimum ), 10A ( typical ), 30A ( maximum )
Standby current: Less than 500uA
Magnetic battery cover door

Brit Mini Flavour Tank

Material: Stainless Steel
Thread: 510
Capacity: 2ml
Size: 22mm x 48.5mm
Capacity: 2ml
Colour Coded O Rings

Tools Of The Trade & Safety Information

People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. Seek professional medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

For an in depth look at battery types, performance, and safety information, follow this link to the Mooch Facebook page.
You can also find the Mooch Blog over at ECF.

You may also find this range of calculators provided by Steam Engine particularly useful, so thank you to Lars for allowing me to include them in my reviews.

These calculators are currently under development, and the information that they contain may change at any time without notice. Please read the How It Works section for a more in-depth understanding.

The Juice


I have used a selection of bubble gum E-Liquid flavours called BLOW. UK retailers can purchase these exquisite E-liquids and other current Premium US lines from Virtual Vapours Here



Brit Mini Flavour Tank Operation

The Brit flavour tank has been designed to work in conjunction with devices with a power output between 15W and 35W’s so the Quantum 80 covers this range very comfortably indeed. And with a top airflow and refill design you are going to find it a joy to use and maintain.

Unscrew the top cap and fill the 2ml tank with your chosen E-Liquid filling it from the side, and remember not to accidentally pour any liquid into the centre chimney.

Attach the top cap and allow the E-Liquid to soak into the organic cotton for a few minutes before use.

Also, make sure you have opened the two fully adjustable airflow intakes situated immediately below mouthpiece to suit the type of draw you require. The smaller the opening the tighter the draw will be and this will be better suited for the smoker.

You will also need to increase the airflow around the coil at higher wattages by opening the two airflow intakes to avoid the possibility of dry burning the organic cotton.

If you have not already done so, attach the Brit Mini atomizer to the Quantum 80 device, set it to the desired wattage (25W recommended) and start to enjoy the immense flavour that this little beauty can produce!

Quantum 80 Operation

Operating the Quantum 80W TC is very straight forward thanks to a well laid out and easy to navigate menu structure.

Press the power button five times in quick succession to turn the device on and then a further three presses in quick succession to access the available menu options.

These include eight separate menus structures to choose from, each one with its own icon to identify it. Some of the menus will have additional sub menus attached to them allowing you to make further finite adjustments to those parameters.

A more detailed description of each menu and the associated sub-menus functionality can be found in the included user manual so make sure you read this thoroughly before using it to get the best from this device.

80w_smok_quantum_brit_mini_tc_start_kit_wo_battery_starry_black_5_ smok-brit-mini-flavor-tank-500x500-0


SMOK have once again offered the consumer an intelligent box mod that is compact, feature rich, and easy to use, and matched it with an equally impressive leak proof TPD compliant atomizer that is going to suit the mouth to lung vaper.

Brit Mini Flavour Tank

Designed to meet the requirements set out by the TPD and perform to the expectations of the mouth to lung vaper, SMOK have made a very good job indeed on both counts.

The 510-compatible drip tip uses an environmental friendly plastic material and is fashioned to represent a bullet, with a curved top for maximum comfort.

A fully adjustable top airflow design has eradicated the age-old problem of leaking which I have been advocating for over the past two years and I hope SMOK will continue to include this on all future models.

Top filling is yet another bonus with the Brit Mini allowing a much cleaner and quicker way to refill the 2ml tank.

Coil options finally include a move away from purely sub Ohm types with the inclusion of a 1.2Ω version allowing you to vape as low as 15W which will help immensely in conserving battery power. And, I hope that we might finally see a 1.8Ω build in the future as well?

Inclusion of the chimney into the coil head has helped to improve the overall flavour performance by reducing the distance between the coils surface area to the mouth piece.

There is also the potential to increase the flavour and vapour production by reducing the height of the drip tip, slightly increase the size of the air flow intakes, and increase the size of the coils juice channels as well.

Quantum 80W Device

The flush mounted 510 connection works well with a multitude of different tank configurations and has performed flawlessly throughout this review.

The stealth fire button which forms part of the magnetic battery cover is the best design of its kind from SMOK and one of the most comfortable I’ve personally used to date.

It gives a very good indication of just how much attention to detail the R&D team go into when they are designing a new product for today’s market. Superb.

The magnetic battery door allows you to change batteries quickly and efficiently with the minimum of effort, with the material strip attached inside the compartment itself. Make sure the battery is placed on top of it and lift it up to remove it when it’s time to change it.

A large bright OLED screen has been included with this model too so you can see the current settings on the display clearly, and with the plus and minus buttons situated just to the side of the OLED screen making any necessary adjustments to your current parameters a breeze.

Output power from 1W-80W is more than ample for a single battery device and in temperature control mode you can choose between SS, Ni200, and Ti wire as well as adjusting the coefficient values for further fine tuning and will support atomizers with resistances from 0.06 to 2 ohms.

Further technological improvements have been included in this model that allow you to seamlessly connect the Quantum 80 to a mobile device without the need for a USB cable.

Over The Air technology (OTA) now replaces this traditional method making it a far more convenient and efficient way of upgrading the device completing the task in a little under three minutes.

The overall finish is aesthetically pleasing, soft to touch, with smooth rounded corners making it a pleasant experience to hold over long periods.

A great combination that has performed flawlessly throughout this review and is one of the better kits on the market that you are going to find in both a compact size, and in this price range.

Very well specked for the price £69.99-$76.99 respectively, so be sure to check out your local B&M store to try out this latest kit from SMOK.


3rd Floor of TeAn Jiejing Nengyuan Technology Building,

Langshan 2nd Road,
Northern Area of the Science & Technology Park,
Nanshan District,
Shenzhen China
+ 86 755 26977815 (For inquiries)

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