The history behind the tobacco pipe started more than 3000 years ago. Native American tribes from the Mississippi Valley in the U.S.A were smoking pipes hand carved from mostly porphyritic rock with engravings of wild animals and other types of decorative markings.

Later In 1612 an Englishman by the name of John Rolfe planted tobacco seeds which he had bought from Trinidad in Tobago to America, in the Virginia soil and harvested his first tobacco crop which found favour in the courts of England over a popular native North American tobacco, which had found its way to the shores of Britain some years before.

Thanks to its richer flavour over a ton of the Virginia was shipped to London between1616 and 1617. By 1620 40,000lbs of the purist tobacco leaf of its time had found its way by boat from the James River to the port of London.

Pipe smoking by this time had boomed in England and across Europe. Local craftsman from the areas London and Bristol had begun shaping pipes from clay which could be found in abundance in Devon, to supply the demand which had been created by this fine Virginia leaf during the 1650’s.

The relaxing tradition associated with smoking a pipe has continued to this day with many different types of pipe being created from materials such as meerschaum from Turkey and Africa in the early 1700’s, and finally from briar around the 1820’s.

So it comes as no surprise that in the twenty-first century (the age of the Electronic non-combustible alternatives to tobacco products) a new era in the evolution of the pipe has arrived in the form of the SMOK 75W TC Guardian lll Pipe.


One of the most uniquely designed and handcrafted products to hit the market in 2016 so far, the SMOK 75W TC Guardian Pipe III is reminiscent in its design to that of the traditional Pot, or Billard pipe. Coated in black piano lacquer this unique finish sets it apart from today’s competition.

Operating in VW and temperature control modes, this 75W pipe mod is going to attract a lot of attention with its simplistic user interface and choice of vaping options.

The Guardian lll in TC mode supports Ni, Ti, and SS wire coil heads and includes the Micro TFV4 Plus tank which fits perfectly with this design. It also supports firmware upgrades using the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology.


The Guardian III PIPE Kit has been sent directly to me for review from SMOK TECH to evaluate both its performance and features.

The device arrived in a shrink-wrapped box that includes a picture of Guardian III PIPE Kit on the top with a silver sticker denoting the products colour. On the bottom of the outer sleeve are a brief overview of the products functionality and a bar-code. Placed on the side of the outer sleeve are two further bar codes, one for the Apple Store and the other for Google Play.

To check the products authenticity, you will find a label on the main box that also displays a bar-code, plus a reference code and serial number. Removing the outer sleeve you will find a black box with the silver SMOK logo printed on the top. Just lift off the cover to access the contents inside.


The Smok Guardian III PIPE Kit Contents include the following:
1 x 75W Guardian PIPE III mod
1 x 24.5mm Micro TFV4 Plus tank
1 x 0.3-ohm coil pre-installed
1 x 0.25 ohm SS coil
1 x XL replacement glass tube
1 x Tank extension adaptor
1x 510 RDA drip tip with the V shape airflow channel
1 x Vape band
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x User manual

Please verify the six month warranty period should this be included with the Guardian III PIPE Kit before purchase. This may differ depending on your location, but I believe it to be six months from the date of purchase.

SMOK 75W TC Guardian lll Pipe

Polycarbonate and ABS Alloy construction
Spring-loaded 510 connector
Magnetic battery cover Houses single 18650 battery (Not included)
With a USB port inside
Recharged via 510 USB charger
Variable Wattage: 1W-75W
Temperature control: 200’F-600’F / 100’C-315’C
Bright OLED screen
Output Voltage: 0.7V-9V
Supports temperature control with stainless steel, Ni200, and Titanium
Resistance range: 0.06-2ohm (TC mode) / 0.1-3ohm (VW mode)
Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology (w/ a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module) The Guardian Pipe III can be fully controlled by your Smartphone
Operating mode menu (TC/VW mode)
Adjustable initial resistance
Basic function menu
Puff Counter
Bluetooth 4.0 menu
Screen Orientation Option
Intelligent atomizer recognition
Over-heating protection
12 seconds cut-off
Low-battery warning

The Juice

For the purpose of conducting this review, I have used a selection of two different E-Liquids with varying PG/VG combinations from Villain Vapors new line Confection plus Majestic’s award winning juices. Awesome!

11704816_829897900464348_4690154811286390869_n (1)

Tools Of The Trade & Safety Information

People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. Seek professional medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

For an in depth look at battery types, performance, and safety information, follow this link to the Mooch Facebook page.
You can also find the Mooch Blog over at ECF.

You may also find this range of calculators provided by Steam Engine particularly useful, so thank you to Lars for allowing me to include them in my reviews.

These calculators are currently under development, and the information that they contain may change at any time without notice. Please read the How It Works section for a more in-depth understanding.

The Guardian III Pipe has been tested over its full vaping range of 1W all the way up to its maximum of 75 watts’s using the included Micro TFV4 Plus tank and the SMOK TFV4 tanks in both Stainless and Black finishes along with their new and very extensive range of current and future coils. The Guardian III has been thoroughly tested in Temperature Control mode as well, for both performance and any potential dry burning issues.

I have been using the Guardian III continually over the past three weeks to test the functionality of this device as thoroughly as possible and to gauge its overall performance. The model sent is a pre-production version (Sample, Not for Sale), so please take this into account when evaluating my comments in the conclusion.

The Guardian III pipe is built from a combination of PC + ABS alloy and finished off in a stunning black piano lacquer. The bowl houses a circular bright OLED screen for easy viewing of the menu. Below this is the silver Power button and user interface to the eight individual menus which also serves as the Fire Button as well.

Simplicity in its design and operation is what makes the Guardian III such a joy to behold and to use. Navigation of the eight preset menu options available to you is just about as straightforward as you can get. One button takes care of all your physical interaction, allowing you to sit back, relax, vape, and enjoy. It’s what pipe smokers do best!


On the base of the device is a removable magnetic battery cover with the SMOK logo printed on the top part of the cover and vent holes allowing for fast and easy access to this compartment. The Guardian III holds one18650 battery inside it (Not Supplied). Please, only use the recommended batteries with this device.

You will also find the mini USB connector port for firmware upgrades situated inside the battery housing at the top.

To turn the device on press the Power button five times in quick succession. You will be met with the SMOK logo and a welcome message displayed on the OLED screen.

With your supplied Micro TFV4 Plus tank attached, primed and filled you will see a message asking you if this is a new coil? Yes, or No. Press the Power/Fire button to highlight Yes, and then hold it in for a few seconds until you enter the main display.

Here you will find the current settings for the device including the battery life, Wattage & Temperature depending on which option you have chosen to use based on the attached coil. The resistance of the attached coil, voltage and the ramp up time is also displayed. There are five options for you to choose from in the sub-menu of menu three with a deviation of + & – 10% in both the wattage and temperature modes.

Resistance ranges: / 0.1-3ohm (VW mode) 0.06-2ohm (TC mode)


Wattage Mode

With an impressive range from 1 watt, all the way up to 75 watts and firing down to 0.1Ω’s and up to 3Ω’s the dedicated sub-ohm vaper is more than catered for with this model, in my opinion.

Temperature Mode

Temperature Control mode operates between 200°F (100°C) and 600°F (315°C) You have a choice of three sub menus when Temperature Mode has been selected.

Strength: Soft-Min-Normal-Hard-Max

Coil TC-Ni Single Coil (SC) Dual Coil (DC)

Adjustment of the preset Coefficient Value can also be adjusted.

The default setting for Nickel is 0.00600 Temperature per degree C, so please make sure you include the correct offset values for any other supported types of wire to avoid dry burning your cotton.

You can refer to a quick guide to the product here or a more in-depth overview by reading the enclosed manual entirely.

As I have mentioned already, you have a choice of eight pre-set menus. Here is a breakdown of what each one is. To access the eight menus press the Power/Fire button three times in quick succession and then once more to circle through the eight available options. Once you have found the option you wish to adjust simply hold the Power/Fire button in for a second to enter the new value.

A more detailed description of the menu functions is found in the included user manual.



+ Plus sign. You can increase the value of either the current wattage or the current Temperature.

Menu 2

– Minus sign. You can decrease the value of either the current wattage or the current Temperature.

Menu 3

Includes both Wattage and Temperature Modes.

This will allow you to Switch between either mode depending on your choice of selected coil. Once one has been chosen the appropriate sub-menu/menus will appear.

Menu 4

Allows you to turn On or Off the Bluetooth option. By default, it is turned off.

Menu 5

You can set the puff counter to monitor and limit the amount of inhales taken in a day. This can be turned on or off, and reset to 0 when required.

Menu 6

OLED Screen display. You have a choice of three options to choose from-Normal Simple and Stealth.

Menu 7

Screen Saver

Screen Contrast Setting

Screen Rotation

Adjust Initial Ohm

Adjust the Time and Date

Menu 8

Power Off Yes Or No

Use the interface button to highlight which of the two options you require. The one selected will be highlighted by a box. Hold the button in for a short time to activate.


This is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship that is going to help convert traditionalists looking for the most realistic alternative to a pipe in electronic form. Size, shape and choice of finish are currently unmatched, and you cannot fail to be suitably impressed by its performance and features too.

Once you have had the pleasure of holding the Guardian III in your hand and enjoyed the satisfying experience of vaping it for yourself, there is no turning back. With such an abundance of E-Liquid flavours to choose from of which some have been created specifically with the pipe smoker in mind, it is a no-brainer in my opinion.

Whilst using the Guardian lll on a daily basis over the past month it has suitably impressed everyone who has come into contact with it. This is truly a little gem that gets you noticed wherever you happen to be.

Ease of operation and interaction is just about as simple as it can be and I was impressed by its overall layout, features and performance.

I have used the Micro TFV4 Plus which it came with for most of this review without experiencing any leaks whatsoever, and with an abundance of coil options on offer plus an RDA section too, you are once again spoilt for choice. There is an opportunity for custom designed mouthpieces which will help include a wider audience of traditional pipe smokers and I have added one option of this in the picture below.


And did I forget to mention? Don’t forget to set the included timepiece to your countries local time and date!


RecommendedRetail Price price for the Guardian III Kit. £60.00 US$75.00

Coming up next for review is the SMOK R200, another move up in the power stakes at a price you can afford. For further details on the Guardian III and any other of the Smok products, please visit their online website or your local brick and mortar stockiest.



Thanks to SMOK for providing the Technical specifications for this review and the Images of the Guardian III & Micro TFV4 Plus.

3rd Floor of TeAn Jiejing Nengyuan Technology Building,
Langshan 2nd Road,
Northern Area of the Science & Technology Park,
Nanshan District,
Shenzhen China
+ 86 755 26977815 (For inquiries)


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