SMOK have released two excellent, simple and very straight forward vaping devices based on the classic eGo styled pens of old, with vastly improved electronics in eye-catching colourful finishes in both cases for today’s smoker looking to make the switch to a healthier alternative to a combustible cigarette, without any unnecessary complications.

It’s very easy for us to forget just how technologically advanced vaping devices have become with both Variable Wattage-Variable Voltage devices, Temperature Controlled Devices, and of course, versions that combine Variable Wattage and Temperature Control all within the same unit.

SMOK have fortunately not forgotten and made these latest Sub Ohm designs just about as simple as it can get. Prime the coil, fill the tank from the top, press the power button five times in quick succession and you are ready to vape. It’s really that simple and a hassle free smart alternative to the devices I’ve mentioned above. Just sit back, relax and vape away your day- all day with SMOK’s legendary reliable performance and included safety features.


The Stick One Basic Kit includes the latest SMOK TFV4 Nano Tank with the classically styled eGo Cloud (2200 mAh) Battery.While the Stick One Plus Kit is made up of the Micro TFV4 Plus Tank and the eGo Cloud Plus (2000 mAh) Battery. So with two options on the table which one is going to be best suited to your personal requirements?


The two kits for both the Basic and Plus options have been sent to me directly from SMOK TEC to evaluate their performance and features.

The devices arrived in a shrink-wrapped box that includes a picture of each device on the top with a silver sticker denoting the products colour options on the side. On the bottom of the outer sleeve are a brief overview of the products functionality and a bar-code. Placed on the side of the outer sleeve are two further bar codes, one for the Apple Store and the other for Google Play.

To check the products authenticity, you will find a label on the main box that also displays a bar-code, plus a reference code and serial number. Removing the outer sleeve you will find a black box with the silver SMOK logo printed on the top. Just lift off the cover to access the contents inside.

With a choice of four different colours in both options to choose from which includes Black, Silver, Red and White, the Stick Plus and Basic cater for a wide selection of personal tastes so be sure to check you have the correct colour and model prior to purchasing your device and opening it.

Also, please check the warranty period should any be included before purchase as well. This may differ depending on your location, but I believe it is 30 days from the date of purchase.


What’s new

Below is a list of the Stick One Basic and Stick One Pluses Features & Specifications. Read these carefully and comprehensively to make the right choice for you. You can gain additional information on both models by reading the online manuals, and seeking advice from your local stockist before making a final decision.

Tank: Nano TFV4
Materials: Glass/Stainless Steel
Capacity: 2.0ml
Height: 57mm
Weight: 48g

eGo Cloud Battery
Threading: 510
Capacity: 2200mAh
Height: 90mm
Diameter: 19mm
Weight: 70g
Operating Voltage: 3.4v – 4.2v
Standby Current: 100uA
Charging Voltage: 5v
Current: 0.8A


Micro TFV4 Plus Tank
Materials: Glass/Stainless Steel
Capacity: 3.5ml
Height: 51mm
Diameter: 24.5mm
Weight: 69g

eGo Cloud Plus Battery

Threading: 510
Capacity: 2000mAh
Height: 72mm
Diameter: 24.5mm
Weight: 87.5
Operating Voltage: 3.4v – 4.2v
Standby Current: 200uA
Charging Voltage: 5v
Current: 0.8A

Both models carry automatic safety features including
Automatic 8 seconds cut-off
Low resistance protection
Short circuit protection
Low voltage protection

Intelligent battery life Indicator

The battery life indicator will blink four times each time you take a vape (inhale-exhale). The indicator will blink more quickly when the voltage is lower than 3.5V. Please charge the battery when this occurs. While the indicator continues to blink at a steady pace, there should be a sufficient amount of charge left in the cell (more than 3.5V).

With a USB charging port placed at the bottom of the Ego Cloud Battery and the top of the Ego Cloud plus Battery, directly behind the Power/Fire button, it can be connected to a variety of power sources via a USB cable. Charging can be so quick and easy!

SMOK have added a unique Silicone dust cap too, available in a choice of three colour schemes to match in with your device. So not only does this help avoid drip tip dust pollution, but it also adds a touch of class to its looks as well! And with an attached lanyard incorporated into the design, it becomes a far more portable device to carry on your person while you are out of the home environment.


Operation & Performance

For the purpose of conducting this review, I have used a selection of two different E-Liquids with varying PG/VG combinations from Propaganda, and the Conspiracy collection.

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I have been using both versions continually over the past few weeks to test the functionality of these devices as fully as possible to gauge their overall performance for you.

Operating both the Stick OnePlus and Basic versions is simple and very straightforward.

  1. To turn the battery On or Off. Press the power button 5 times in quick succession and the blue LED light will blink 3 times to indicate visually that the device in on.
  2. Press the Power/Fire Button to vape when the power is on, and the main LED light will turn blue. Should you hold the button in for more that 8 seconds the automatic 8 seconds cut-off will be activated.
  3. To charge the eGo Cloud Batteries, connect to a USB wall adapter or a computer via the supplied USB cable. A 1A wall adapter is highly recommended for this purpose.
  4. When the eGo Cloud Battery is charging, the charging indicator will turn red. After it is fully charged, the indicator will turn off.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    smok_stick_one_plus_kit_02


SMOK have come up with two extremely good examples of devices that will suit the novice vaper looking for the chance to try the benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping with improved flavour thanks to the Organic Cotton Coils that they have included in each version and improved cloud production too.

Equally, smokers looking to make the transition from combustible cigarettes to the growing and proven healthier alternative of vaping will also benefit from these devices, making their first experience so much easier and far more pleasant. Clearly, there is room for a non-sub Ohm version with a coil better suited to the mouth to lung vapour and I have mentioned this many times in past reviews, so I hope with the introduction of these two latest models that SMOK will produce one more for the smokers who are still out there and hoping to quit.

They are tastefully designed and simple to operate, battery sizes and tank capacities will allow you to choose which one suits your personal vaping requirements best which is another consideration SMOK has factored into each of these two retro designs. The top fill tanks work extremely well on both versions providing great flavour production thanks to the organic cotton coils. I would suggest however that you use nothing more than a 60-40 PG/VG Ratio to avoid any potential wicking issues.

Also, bear in mind that with consecutive pulls in a short space of time a great deal of heat can be produced heating up the steel casing around the tank.

An elegant, slender version might be better suited for the female hand in the shape of the Stick Basic model while the shorter stockier Plus Kit will fit nicely into the palm of a larger hand.

Whichever one you opt to choose you will not be disappointed with the simplistic features looks and performance. Neither will you be disappointed with the tactile feel of each model.

Build quality on both devices, as always with SMOK products, is second to none especially when you take into account the price for a kit like these. So my advice is to drop by your local stockist and give these a go you really can’t loose.

Even if you are looking for a backup device or something more portable to use during working hours instead of a dripper you won’t find too much wrong with either of the Stick Kits on offer to you, and like I said at these prices…..

Next up for review is the R200 from SMOK. More Power, Greater cloud production, and the last I believe in a series of attractive and popular designs.

Stay tuned!

RRP £27.00 $35.00 although I have seen these advertised cheaper than this.

All products are sent directly by the manufacturer for review

For further details on either the SMOK Stick Plus or Basic kits plus any other of the SMOK TEC products, please visit their online website or visit your local brick and motor stockiest.


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