So, vape store owners have asked me if I could make the reviews just a little bit more concise and to include the products details, a quick overview of the product, and finally my opinion as they find this would be more beneficial to them to read at work, or on the way home!
So, what better device to start with than Pioneer4You’s latest edition the IPV 400 as concise springs to mind straight out of the box!

Renowned for their performance, chip accuracy, and features its little wonder that the latest offering from them is going to appeal to a wide range of vaping enthusiasts, especially those who put performance first and foremost.

The IPV 400 comes in a choice of three colour options and offers the user up to a maximum 200W’s of pure power, and that’s not including their Pure tank either!

If you are familiar with the brand name Pioneer4You then this is another advanced device that has been Pioneered with a full feature set in mind for the experienced vaper.



The IPV 400 comes in a neatly designed silver grey box that includes one iPV 400 Device, one Micro USB Charging Cable, and one User Manual.

Please verify that the iPV 400 includes a three month warranty period. This may differ depending on your location, but I believe it is three months from the date of purchase.

Main Features

Adjustable 510 Threaded Pin
Dimensions: 88mm x 41.5mm x 28mm
Choice of colours: Black & Silver, Blue & Silver, Purple & Silver
YiHi SX Pure Temp Control supports coil-less iPV Pure tank
Supports SX Pure heating elements
Temp. control with SS304/ Ni200/ Ti Wire
Temp. control with all suitable kinds of wire by TCR setting
Requires (2) 18650 High Amp Batteries (Not Included)
Low Voltage Protection
Low Resistance Protection
High Input Voltage Warning
Output Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Battery Protection
Temperature overheat protection
User Manual

Tec Specs

iPV 400 mod: Powered by YiHi SX330-F4 Chip
Output Power: 10W-200W
Output Joule: 10J-120J
Standard Resistance: 0.15ohm-3.0ohm
Joules Mode Resistance: 0.05ohm-1.5ohm
SX Pure Resistance:0.040ohm-0.060ohm
TCR Value: 0.00050-0.00700
Output Voltage: 1.0V-7.0V
Input Voltage: 6.4V-9.0V
Output Current: 1.0A-45.0A
Input Current: 1.3A-45.0A
Temp. limit Centigrade: 100°C-300°C
Temp. limit Fahrenheit: 212°F-572°F

The Juice

For the purpose of conducting this review, I have used a selection of different E-Liquids with varying PG/VG combinations from Five Fold Vapor and Dark Market.

For consumers based in the UK & Europe, these E-Liquids can now be purchased by following this Link.

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Tools Of The Trade & Safety Information

People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. Seek professional medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

For an in depth look at battery types, performance, and safety information, follow this link to the Mooch Facebook page.
You can also find the Mooch Blog over at ECF.

You may also find this range of calculators provided by Steam Engine particularly useful, so thank you to Lars for allowing me to include them in my reviews.

These calculators are currently under development, and the information that they contain may change at any time without notice. Please read the How It Works section for a more in-depth understanding.


iPV Pure X2


The iPV 400 has been thoroughly tested in Temperature mode as well as Variable Wattage mode, for its performance, features, and any dry burning issues.

The model sent to me from Pioneer4You is not the final production model, so please take this into account when evaluating my comments in the conclusion section at the end.

Press the power button five times in quick succession to turn the device on.

The screen will display Pic⇨ iPV 400 followed by 60J plus the temperature in Degrees C, the current resistance and the battery life indicator. It will also show you the Wattage, Voltage, resistance value, and battery life indicator in power mode.

Use the two soft press buttons situated just below the screen to increase or decrease either your current temperature settings or voltage settings when the device is switched to power mode. Pressed simultaneously, you can also lock the resistance settings as well.

With an additional five clicks, you can enter the menu system to gain access to the many functions that the iPV 400 has to offer you including the Power Off mode. You also have the ability to view the software version the device is using, change between Power Mode or Joule mode, switch between Celcius or Fahrenheit, Adjust your desired Temperature setting and more.

For a detailed description of the menu functions included with the iPV 400, consult the included user manual. The menu structure itself is very straight forward and easy to follow.



This is, without a doubt another well-designed device from the R&D team at Pioneer4U that will best suit the intermediate to advanced vaper quite nicely.

The iPV 400 has a centered solid adjustable 510 connection allowing me to work with a range of tanks from RDA’s, RBA’s, to RDTA’s without any problems at all. That said, I was unable to test it in a coil-less configuration as they did not supply me with the iPV Pure x2 Coil-less Sub Ohm Tank which uses a heated element instead. If I can obtain one I’ll update this review for you.

The fire button produces a firm audible click and with a slightly muted feel added to the two function keys as you would not want to hear a loud clicking sound every time you make adjustments to the settings in my opinion. Scrolling with these is very quick so this is another plus for this device.

The OLED screen is clear but could benefit from an increase in size. Sadly, some people do not have perfect eyesight and this would most certainly be of help them and me! It would also allow for more functions to be displayed on the screen as well.

Ascetically pleasing with a clean cut look about it, the team have also managed to engineer an anti-slip grip on the rear of the casing without changing its outward appearance. And with a two-tone colour scheme in a choice of three colour options, there should be something that will appeal to a wide variety of vapers.

At the rear and to the top just above the grip you will find the Micro-USB charging port. On a personal note, I would have preferred to see this placed toward the bottom of the device for added stability when connecting the Micro USB cable for charging.

It appears that the casing is made from Aluminium which is why you will notice that even with the two batteries inserted into the body it stills feels reasonably light to hold but definitely a nice chunky feeling to it as well.

The iPV 400 is not upgradeable so please take this into account as I know certain customers might require this feature, so I hope this function can be included in future releases as I am aware that they have a new device in the pipeline.

The battery compartment is easily accessible from the base, and you can find the + & – symbols etched on the inside of the door. As the device holds two batteries this is an important feature to include in order to avoid inserting them the wrong way round.

The YiHi SX330-F4 Chip performed flawlessly as we have come to expect from these guys with a suitable power range that should suit the intermediate to advanced user. A nice touch would have been to include a TFR (temperature factor of resistance) which would have been a welcome addition to an already well-specked device.

Output Power:10W-200W with Standard Resistances of 0.15ohm-3.0ohm and Output Joule 10J-120J Joules Mode in Resistances of 0.05ohm-1.5ohm. And I have experienced no dry hits at all in the dry cotton burning test. It even flags up a message informing you that more E-liquid is required!

Coil options cover a plethora of possible setups with the ability to make adjustments to the TCR as well, It even includes presets for different types of wire including the use of the SX Pure. One type of wire however that appears not to be supported in this version is the SS316 so it would be a useful inclusion to have in the next release.

Vapor production clearly goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway, Massive, and with plenty in reserve!

Rattles are non-existent on the iPV 400 and I love the positive response and sound you get from the power button.

In terms of Value for money, it’s a no-brainer. The iPV 400 is a feature-rich powerhouse that fits very comfortably in the palm of even the smallest hands albeit a little heavy, and with the YiHI (SX330-F4) Chip driving it you really cannot go wrong.

Great job guy’s, highly recommended for this price range of $49.99 £55.99 So, be sure to check out your local B&M store to try out this latest design from Pioneer4You.

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