So the question is, how can you produce more clouds than you would normally expect for a little under £20.00?
Allow me to introduce you to the newly designed iSub G from Innokin.

On a personal note, I have not seen a real star performer from them since the introduction of the iClear 30S, a cut above the rest for its time until the release of this beauty!

Swapping silicone wicks for Japanese Organic Cotton with a removable coil that has real Sub Ohm capability shows me just how fast technological advances are taking place within the vaping industry, and finally, it appears Innokin have joined the race, making their mark with the introduction of the iSub G.

The iSub G comes in an all stainless steel body with 4.5 ml Pyrex Glass as requested by vapers, which will make many of you happy I’m sure! Their latest design also includes Innokins new No-spill coil swap system and, of course, the Sub Ohm Japanese Organic Cotton Coils.


The iSub G’s packaged Contents include the following:
1x complete iSub G with 0.5Ω-ohm Atomizer pre-installed
1x 0.5Ω spare coil
1x Spare Gasket
Operational Instructions can be found on the rear of the packaging.

What’s New

100% stainless steel
High-quality Pyrex glass
Japanese organic cotton
A Huge 4.5ml capacity tank
0.5Ω deep-seated coil (recommended use between 20-35 Watts)
Anti spit back mesh
Large fully adjustable airflow system
No-spill coil swap system
Available colours are Currently: Clear, but expect a choice of colours sometime soon!


Space-Jam-Juice-Bottles-2 wp5adb1c5a_05_06


I have used a selection of two different E-juices from Cuttwood and Space Jam for the purpose of testing the iSub G with varying PG/VG mixtures. I have also used two devices including the New Innokin Cool Fire IV and the Style of Mojo Chi You Megan.

REACH compliant

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For EU countries, more information on this can be found here along with REACH’s partner agencies from around the globe.

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People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. Again, please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews. Also, check with your E-liquid supplier or the equipment manufacturers directly before purchase and use.

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download (4)The first thing that struck me was the simplicity of its design from an outward appearance, however internally you start to get a very different picture indeed.

The iSub G comes with a comfortable wide bore 510 drip tip allowing me to seat any of my current drip tips both firmly and securely.

The choice of an all stainless steel finish, with a 4.5ml large capacity removable Pyrex Glass finish, should help to annul any fears of cracking from certain e-liquid ingredients. Which was the cause for concern with the introduction of the iSub, although I have not experienced this problem with mine so far.


To further allay any fears into the possibility of cracking or discoloration of the German-made polycarbonate materials used in the construction of the iSub tank, Innokin had an entirely independent Analysis carried out in the United States under laboratory conditions. They supplied fifteen iSub tanks for testing, with acidic E-Liquid flavours used in the tests that included cinnamon and citrus flavours.

The cinnamon and citrus flavours had a makeup of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerine. Cinnamon and citrus flavours were chosen to test the chemical resistance of the polycarbonate materials used in the sub tank while the 50:50 propylene glycol: vegetable glycerine samples was used as a control.

After rigorous testing of all fifteen tanks submitted during the testing phase, no discoloration or cracking was found to be present at all. Innokin kindly sent the full report to me which I have read, and I hope this will not only reaffirm their commitment to supplying the market with high-quality products but also show how mindful and safety conscious they are when it comes to the care of their customers.

All parts of the iSub G allows for easy dismantling and re-assembling whether it’s for cleaning the tank or replacement of parts due to wear or damage.

Thanks to the cleverly designed base unit the iSub G allows you to replace a coil without the need to empty your tank with their new No-spill coil swap system. Just unscrew the base holding the iSub G upside down to avoid any spillage, remove the old coil, and replace it with the new one, remembering to align the slots for a perfect fit.

innokin_isub_g_pro_replacement_coils__59082.1430888832.285.365The coil itself has been well designed too and includes anti-spit mesh above the seated horizontal coil with large airflow inlets positioned on either side just below.

The gasket is seated inside the base unit and appears to function well which should help greatly in reducing the likelihood of E-juice seepage from occurring.

Adjustment of the airflow control ring is smooth providing you with two inlets that can be opened equally on either side and adjusted for best performance within the recommended ranges between 20W-35W.


I’ve heard it said on occasion that Innokin takes one step forward then two steps backwards. If that was the case then apparently they have made tremendous inroads to reverse this trend by producing some of their finest work to date with the current releases of not only the iSub G, but the MVP3 Pro, and now the Cool Fire IV as well. So it would appear that they are upping the pace and moving forwards very quickly!

The iSub G at just a shade under £20.00 given the quality of its design and vapour production, even at its minimum 20W setting is, in my opinion, a must have to add to your collection.

Flavour production was extremely good thanks to the inclusion of good quality organic cotton that really does make a huge difference allowing you to experience the most subtle notes in complex juices far more quickly.

With two additional Organic Cotton Coils arriving in the near future in resistance values of 0.2 Ω & 2.0 Ω this will be another real bonus for us the consumer, creating a far greater choice in how we personally choose to vape. I would also expect to see a choice of different colours for the iSub G at some point soon as well.

The no spill easy swap design of both coil and base unit makes changing and filling the iSub G a breeze, also having the forethought to add mesh to prevent spit back shows the level of detail which has gone into creating the iSub G for our vaping pleasure.

All moving parts are very smooth to operate so no complaints here either, although I would like to see the air slots on the base of the tank positioned above the E-liquid on future designs. I have not experienced any leakage so far as the gasket seated inside appears to be doing the job it was designed for, however, repositioning the air intake slots as I mentioned would help to reduce the risk of this happening further still.  Also, a bevelled edge added to the wide bore drip tip would contribute to making it just that little bit more comfortable given the increased gauge.

download 6 resize

The expected market price should be around the £18.00 $24.00 mark.

For further details on the iSub G or any other Innokin product, please visit the Innokin website or contact your local brick and motor store.

Thanks to Innokin for providing the Technical specifications for this review and Images of the iSub G.

All products are sent directly by the manufacturer for review

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  2. Hey does anyone one wether you can use the replaceable coil heads from the isub and use them on the isub G ? Thanks in advance

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  3. Just got this beauty and can’t argue with anything said in this review, it really is the business!!

  4. Cracking review, have just ordered one 😉

  5. Can’t find the coil springs it was givin to me as a gift

  6. I have tried subtank mini and aspire triton and had issues now have isub 20 quid cheaper and I personally feel it performs better

  7. hi i have the i sub g it is a cracking tank, the only issue i have with it is the coils they do not
    last long only a day or two then i have to change them is it because i have used a sweet juice with them.

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