It is said that beauty slain the beast but how can this be true when SMOK have married a thing of beauty and called it the beast!

Their latest upgrade of the TFV4 to version eight show marked improvements right from the start.

The first thing that struck me was what appeared to be a tapered finish to this design, along with a redesigned airflow system and finally four unique coils that SMOK refer to as the “Turbo Engine”, and when you fire this thing up you will quickly understand why they decided to name it the Beast Master.

As we have come to expect now from SMOK they are always keen to offer the end user a choice of coil options to suit most types of vaping. With the introduction of the TFV8 they have given us no fewer than four to start with and two more on the way as we speak.

The current choices on offer are the V8-T8 (6.6T), V8-T6 (6.0T), V8-Q4 (5.0T), and the V8 RBA (4.0T-X). SMOK will also be providing a selection pre-made coils for the RBA section so keep an eye out for these as well.

And, in order to maximise the airflow around the coils, an increase in the size of the adjustable air slots creates up to 18% more airflow which given its maximum output at 260W may still not be enough! And all in a choice of two finishes, Black and Stainless Steel.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the box and a rundown of the specifications.


1 x TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank
1 x V8-T8 Octuple Coil Head (0.15Ω)
1 x V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head (0.15Ω)
1 x V8 Exclusive Turno RBA Head (0.28Ω)
1x Replacement Glass Tube
1x pack of Spares (Grub Screws O-rings Allen Key)
Organic Cotton
User Manual
Quality Control Card


Maximum Juice Capacity: 6ML (with T8-Q4) and 5.5ML (with T8-V8)
Delrin Drip Tip
Top Filling – Swivel Cap with larger juice hole
Stainless Steel
510 Connection Thread
Glass Diameter:25.5mm

Coil Options

V8-T8: Turbo: 6.6T Patented Octuple Coil
0.15Ω (50W-260W / Best Between (120W-180W)

Coil V8-T6: Turbo: 6T Patented Sextuple Coil
0.2Ω (50W-240W) / Best Between (110W-150W)

Turbo 5.0T Patented Quadruple Coil
0.15Ω (50W-180W) / Best Between (90W-150W)

18mm Large Deck
Turbo: 4.0-X
Patented Fused
Clapton Dual Coils 0.28 ohm (50W-140W)

Featured E-liquids

For the purpose of conducting this review, I have used a selection of E-Liquids from the Rich collection which provide you with a simply excellent vaping experience and come highly recommended.

People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of particular types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. Again, please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews. Also, check with your E-liquid supplier or the equipment manufacturers directly before purchase and use.

You might also find this range of calculators provided by Steam Engine particularly useful to you, so thank you to Lars for allowing me to include them in my reviews. These calculators are currently under development, and the information that they

contain may change at any time without notice. Please read the How It Works section for a more in-depth understanding. And never leave your device charging unattended, make sure you are using the recommended battery for your device, and always remember, SAFETY FIRST.


SMOK has included four coil options to get you started in this kit. The V8-T8 Octuple coil head (0.15Ω), a V8-T6 Turbo 6.0T Sextuple (0.2Ω) the V8-Q4 Quadrupole Coil Head (0.15Ω) and finally a V8 Exclusive Turno RBA Head with pre-installed dual fused Clapton coils (0.28Ω).

For newcomers or inexperienced vapers to building your own coils you can find some excellent tutorials on YouTube so I would suggest looking at these initially to gain as much knowledge as possible before attempting a build by yourself.

Alternatively, you can seek further advice from your local vape store first, or from more experienced vapers who can be found in the chat rooms. There’s plenty of help out there if you look for it, and never be afraid to ask for help.

So, as I have just mentioned, the TFV8 SMOK has already included dual fused Clapton coils for the RBA base so all you have to do is wick and prime them, fill the tank with your chosen juice, and you’re ready to go. And with 18mm of deck space you have plenty of room to work with on future builds.


With increased heat being generated at very high outputs, up to and including 260W the TFV8 uses a Delrin ultra-wide bore drip tip to be able to cope with the heat and the immense vapour production that the TFV8 can clearly produce.

Its diameter has increased by as much as 15% when you make a direct comparison with its predecessor the TFV4. And with an overall area increase of up to 30% which includes the refill slot and central air chamber.

The design team have once again included the familiar Top rotary refill design system giving you easy access to fill up its large maximum capacity of up to 6 ml of E-liquid which will require plenty of filling I can assure you, at such high temperatures. So, allowing quick access to the tank is an important factor to consider from the end user’s perspective, and it definitely serves its purpose very well.

Adjustment of the two large air intake slots is smooth but firm, allowing you to set the type of draw and amount of airflow required, depending on the coil you are using and the output value. Added knurling allows for better purchase when making these adjustments

Given the present options available I would strongly suggest keeping this as open as possible. I’ve been informed by SMOK that a 0.4Ω version (TF-S6) is due to be released quite soon which has a range of 30W-100W- so for those of you who prefer a tighter draw, this could be a better option for you.

Unscrewing the base using the knurling just under the glass will allow you to change the coils as well as clean the tank. The glass and top can also be removed at this point for cleaning, so the design allows for easy maintenance and swapping out the coils as well as the RBA.

The RBA is a really great design with plenty of space for building on. You will quickly notice the two large air hole situated beneath the pre-installed Clapton coils providing maximum airflow to both.

Unscrew the outer casing to gain access to the decking area and the coils. Check your resistances and make sure you are using a device (preferably a regulated device) that can support this type of low Sub Ohm Vaping.

Look for signs of any hot spots that may require adjusting with ceramic tweezers on each of the attached coils. Pulse them and look for an even glow across the surface area of each one and tweak them if necessary.

Check for shorts with your Ohm’s metre before adding organic cotton and your juice to the coils (priming). If all these checks are good, then you should now be ready to fire your attached device with the RBA in place. Also, for newcomers to building make sure you have filled the tank from the top after inserting the RBA section back into the tank. It sounds obvious but it can easily slip your mind!



So, as far as comparisons go between the TFV4 and the TFV8 it appears that apart from the letters TFV they are oceans apart.

First impressions are always important and with a 6ml capacity in a tapered body with orange O-rings the TFV8 catches your attention for sure, especially in black. There is a slight reduction in the amount of E-liquid that can be held when you are using the T8 coil reducing it from its maximum of 6ml to 5.5ml.

With a wide choice of coils from SMOK already in place and more rumoured to be in the pipeline, the TFV8 looks set to be very well catered for indeed.

Improvements to the overall design of the airflow system have greatly increased its cloud performance and helped to minimise the high levels of heat that can be generated. The inclusion of a Delrin drip tip helps greatly in these areas too and a very welcome addition.

All working parts are well made and smooth to operate offering the user huge cloud performance at ultra low resistances, with no leaking issues  being detected so far.

One of the things that impressed me most about the TFV8 is not just the performance, or build quality, but the value for money you get when taking into account the choice of coils on offer to you in this kit plus a spare glass section with cotton and tools all inclusive. Amazing!

A small point worth noting is the size of the base. At 24.5mm you could find some overhang on certain devices so be mindful of this when deciding whether to purchase this for yourself.

Overall an impressive piece of kit that adds a touch of beauty to the beast!

RRP around £38.00-$40.00

For further details on either the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast or any other of SMOK TEC products, please visit their online website or visit your local brick and mortar stockiest.

All products are sent directly by the manufacturer for review



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