As I previously mentioned at the end of my last review for the RMT only a few weeks ago, the engineering & design team have come up with a unique concept for this latest innovation from KangerTech and another first for them, and the vaping community as a whole.

It is the first tank of its kind to feature both pre-built dual coils and rebuildable coils in one simple and ergonomically designed tank. You can even use KangerTech’s dual coil designed primarily for your Aerotank as well. Plus you will also notice inside the box, pre-built coils for the RBA, saving you time and effort building your own. A great inclusion for people who have not done this before as well as a time saver!

This quite naturally is an ingenious design that is going to be extremely appealing to many in the vaping community, and I’m sure will help to inspire many other companies as to the possibilities that exist when constructing future designs.


unnamed (2)The SubTank arrived in a black box with a red outer sleeve that has an italic K including a part picture of the tank inside it with the name SUBTANK situated below on the front of the sleeve in black.

The rear has a Kanger logo located at the top and beneath it the word KangerTech. Below this is a barcode sticker with the Kanger copyright information printed below this in silver.

Removing the outer sleeve reveals the main box containing the SubTank OCC.
On the front cover is a picture of the SubTank in its RBA configuration with the company name KangerTech situated above it. Below the image the name SUBTANK can be found, both of which are printed with a silver text.

The rear contains a full description of the contents to be found inside along with a caution (Please read in full) and address.

On the lower front of the box, you will find the words Made in China with an age rating 18+, one of seven different trademarks, and situated below this is the new KangerTech authenticity code.

unnamedOpening the box by sliding it open from the right-hand side reveals the housed SubTank OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) with a silver logo and the word KangerTech printed onto the red solid foam housing just below it. A Product Authenticity card has also been included with instructions on how to validate your product as being original.

Removing both the SubTank OCC and foam housing reveals the other items that have been included for use underneath which you can check against by referring to the contents section on the box itself. There is also a user manual that will come in very handy when changing from the RBA setup to the clearomizer with the included and New 0.5 sub ohm dual coils or the 1.2ohm dual coil.

This is another well designed and thought out box that includes everything you need to get started with some additional spare parts included as well.

Please be aware that this is a pre-production model sent to me by KangerTech for evaluation and review prior to its full production release so there may be slight changes if required to the final design. Also please be sure to check the warranty period should it be included with the final production model of this device before purchasing.

The new Authenticity code found on the lower front part of the box as mentioned will apply to each new KangerTech product and include running changes for old models taking effect from late October 2014.

Further details of the New Authenticity code can be found by following the links below:

  1. User Guide 2.Where you can find your Authenticity label 3.How to use your smartphone to scan the code.


What’s new

unnamed (4)Just to reiterate this is a first of its kind allowing the user to choose how they wish to vape, be it in RBA form, or to use it with the newly designed bottom plane dual coil as a traditional clearomizer, with very little effort required to change from one to the other, which I found to be quite remarkable in itself.

The thought process and design concept behind this alone really deserves an award. I have taken this to well-respected engineers in my field of work as a SFX artist working on motion pictures and TVC’s and shown it to the guy’s who design and build some of the very high Tec equipment used in this field, allowing us to create very complex effects with a need to be user friendly at the same time. They agreed that the SubTank OCC has been very well thought through from both a design/engineering perspective.

Whether you happen to be a fan of KangerTech’s products or not I think you have to take your hat off to them for being prepared to push the envelope always that little bit further and with some success to improve our personal vaping experience.

Constructed from stainless steel and Pyrex Glass here is a breakdown of what you can expect to find inside before setting up and using the SubTank for the first time in a configuration of your choosing, so be sure to check the contents fully before use.

1x Subtank Complete
1x OCC 1.2 Ω/ Range 12-25w
1x OCC Sub Ohm 0.5Ω/ Range 15-30w (remember to prime first before use)
4x RBA Coils (including Organic cotton made in Japan)
1x RBA Top Connector
1x RBA Base
1x Screwdriver
1X Beauty Ring (from 25mm to 22mm)
2x Phillips Screws
Tank Capacity: 6ml (Pyrex Glass tank)
Spring loaded Gold 510 connector
1x Manual


k-simar20-1I have used a selection of two different E-juices with varying PG/VG mixtures including 90% VG from Longhorn Vapor, and a new range of juices from Gemini Vapors using a pre-built 0.5Ω coil setup with organic cotton in the RBA build, and the Sub 0.5 Ω & 1.2 Ω bottom plane dual coil in its clearomizer configuration between 12w & 30w. I have also included the K-Simar 20w device for use between the ranges of 12w & 20w for this evaluation.

If you are already a supplier or intend to supply this range of E-Liquids, please make sure that they meet the current requirements set out by your countries regulatory bodies.

REACH compliant

For EU countries, more information on this can be found here along with REACH’s partner agencies from around the globe.

If you are already a supplier or intend to supply these E-Liquids, please make sure they meet the current requirements set out by your countries regulatory bodies.

People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapor. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. So, please be aware of this and seek medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews. Also, check with your E-liquid supplier or the equipment manufacturers directly before purchasing and use.

You might find this range of calculators provided by Steam Engine particularly useful, so thank you to Lars for allowing me to include them in my reviews. These calculators are currently under development, and the information that they contain may change at any time without notice. Please read the How It Works section for a more in-depth understanding. Also, never leave your device charging unattended, make sure you are using the recommended battery for your device, and always remember, SAFETY FIRST.

If you are new to RBA’s useful help, and direction can be found in the many forums that exist, so join and start asking questions, the people there are very friendly, and full of helpful tips & advice.

unnamed (3)The SubTank OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) is an entirely different design concept from Kanger, so I’m going to conduct this review as I did with the RMT from the top down giving an overview to the main features for both, and finally how it has performed over the last three weeks. One very important point to note is that changing between the two is very simple and very straightforward to achieve, requiring little effort thanks to its smart design.

The standard 510 drip tip carries the same fairly wide bore as the RMT and one seated O-ring in black (the RMT’s O-ring is white), creating a secure fitting into the top cap itself with three circular rings at its base for decorative purposes.

It again feels slightly wide but comfortable to use, and as I have mentioned previously, this is an important consideration to make when you realise that this is the primary human interface between you and the tank. Clearly, you have the option to use a design of your choice, and again I have tried three of my own without detecting any problems in relation to fitting them onto the 2x top connectors supplied.

The Subtank OCC comes with two removable Top connectors with KangerTech’s name engraved onto each of them, both of which sits on top the Pyrex outer shell, one for each setup (Clearomizer/RBA).

These can be removed and replaced by just removing the two Phillips screws seated either side of the drip tip and replacing it with the other depending on your setup you are using at the time. (Do not over tighten the screws)  A threaded connection similar to that of the base may be an option here, replacing the need for the two securing screws making it easier to swap between the two?

The clearomizer houses the top connector with the longer tube that extends down from the top cap and SHOULD NOT be used in conjunction with the RBA setup.

Likewise, the shorter tube attached to the other top connector is designed solely for use with the RBA setup and SHOULD NOT be used in conjunction with the Clearomizer setup when using the dual coils supplied, as the tube will not be long enough to create a secure fit over the inserted dual coil.

The large and solidly constructed Pyrex tank houses a steel enclosure, creating four large window ports for easy viewing of your juice level. It unscrews smoothly from the base unit allowing ample room for filling and will hold up to a maximum of 6ml of E-liquid inside.

About one-third of the space inside is going to be unusable as this allows for the seating of the dual coils when it is re-attached with the base unit. A suggestion isIt might be worth considering a hole inserted directly from the top cap into the tank elevating the need to fill it from the bottom, thus regaining the lost space for the inclusion of more E-liquid. It would only require a syringe tipped size hole to be added and secured by a single screw.

The cleverly designed base unit not only houses both of the dual coils supplied in 0.5 sub ohm & 1.2ohm setups but the RBA as well, by utilizing the same threading for both which can be securely seated in the centre of the base unit.

unnamed (1)The RBA arrived with two pre-made coils already built at 0.5 ohms, so all you have to do is add the supplied Organic Cotton and, of course, your choice of E-liquid and enjoy the experience of vaping an RBA inside the housing of a traditional clearomizer!

Access to the deck for building on to is a simple case of unscrewing of the chimney from the base, leaving you with an entirely open area to build onto. Securing your coils to the positive & negative posts is done by loosening the two Phillips screws on the top, wrapping the wire underneath and tightening down the screws again to secure the coils into place, making sure you remove any excess wire that may cause a short.

You will notice the air hole situated directly in the middle of the two pre-made coils, so remember to do the same each time you construct your own unless you are using a single coil build that can then be seated directly above it.

Add the organic cotton and some juice and you’re just about ready to go. Don’t forget to re-attach the chimney after completing your build. For the first time using a newly built coil, I add E-juice manually to the coil and organic cotton after first checking the build on my ohms reader, and making sure the coil/coils are functioning correctly.

You can also find plenty of helpful videos on YOUTube under building an RBA. For first time users, I would suggest getting some expert advice before you try it yourself. I’m sure most vendors will be only too happy to help you or recommend where you can find some.

Two juice channels have been cut into the floor of the deck which will become more apparent when the chimney is in place increasing the flow of juice into the main body of the chamber.

There is also a circular adjustment ring around the outside of the base unit allowing you to adjust the air intake by rotating the outer detent ring into three separate positions. These are, all three holes open, two holes open one closed, and one open two holes closed, providing sufficient airflow into the main body of the chamber.

And finally, a newly designed gold-plated spring-loaded pin has been included making a better connection and easier flush mounting of the tank onto your own personal devices. The Contact was solid but be sure to hold the tank firmly when placing it on for the first few times until you get used to the spring-loaded connection, as it feels different to the typical screw fitting of a tank onto a device.

I had a small problem with the pin to start with using the new square 0.5ohm dual coil that failed to make a solid contact giving me a fluctuation in my resistance.

I applied some lubrication to the spring, and it is now working fine. This has been the only problem I have encountered over the past 3/4 weeks I have been evaluating it.

KangerTech has been made aware of this and will make the necessary changes on the final production models, so this should not be an issue for you at all.

Performance regarding vapour output is the same with the 1.2ohm dual coil, but with both the 0.5ohm builds with an increase of up to 30w there is clearly an improvement concerning vapour production as you would have expected. Where the really noticeable difference occurs is the flavour and aroma produced by the RBA. Albeit a small size chamber in comparison to the standard sized RBA’s on the market, this creates a very marked improvement over the newly designed and included 0.5 Sub Ω coil that only seems to increase slightly vapour output making its design and inclusion worthwhile.

I have been informed by Kanger that a new and improved 0.5 sub ohm coil will be included for the production release increasing airflow and creating better vapour production, plus the inclusion of a new beauty ring for recessed 510 connections reducing the diameter down from 25mm to 22mm.



The SubTank is going to be another very hot seller that will appeal to a variety of users and, in particular, those who are considering whether to try their own builds for the first time or continue using a Clearomizer with pre-built dual coils.

And please remember, with the Subtank you have pre-built coils included and ready to use in its RBA configuration making the transition just that little bit easier, along with the New 0.5 sub ohm dual coil, and a 1.2ohm dual coil as well when used as a clearomizer.

Construction and design are second to none especially at this price and very well thought out, making the changeover simple and straight forward from an RBA to a clearomizer. With threading on all parts being silky smooth, this is another indication of the quality of this piece and the craftsmanship involved when producing it.

Vapour production and flavour as I have already mentioned are exactly what I would have expected from a KangerTech product, plentiful on both counts. However, an improved airflow system with a wider airflow intake will help to improve overall vapour production in my opinion.

The RBA is going to be a success too amongst first time users and experienced vapers alike. Clearly, the Subtank OCC is like no other RBA currently available and has to be seen to be believed hence the reason for so much hype in the chat rooms, and you will not be disappointed when you finally get to see it in the flesh for the first time. Also, be aware that my version is a prototype and does not include the revised 0.5ohm coil that should improve on vapor performance.

The overall size is as you might expect somewhat on the large side and you will see an overhang on some batteries, but I feel sure that a mini version will appear on the market at some point as we have seen in the past from Kanger before long. The official release date of the SubTank Organic Cotton Coil is mid-December with a price tag of around the £30.00 US$ 45.00 mark.

This is a masterpiece from KangerTech, so be sure to check it out when it hits the shops mid-December 2014, and if you have not created a build before as I have already mentioned, seek advice from your local vendor before purchasing. It would also be a nice touch to see build classes advertised in the forums for newbie’s as an excellent way to gain advice and feel part of the growing worldwide vaping community, and a safer way for people to enjoy the benefits of their RBA.

I mention this solely because the Subtank OCC is going to encourage a great many new converts to the RBA way of life!

For further details on the new Subtank OCC, and to enter your unique product security code to identify its authenticity, contact KangerTech directly or your nearest supplier.



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Contact : James Zhu.
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KangerTech US  Service Centre
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US Service contact: service@kangertechus.com

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