Yet another masterclass in design by Fat Daddy Vapes and another well manufactured masterpiece of his specifically designed for and built by the guys it was intended for. The latest V2 Monstruito Flying Saucer RDA from Coil Master.

This is his latest example of an exceptional two post RDA which is squonk ready thanks to the included bottom feed pin.

So, if you prefer the bottom feeding style of vaping and are looking to experience immense flavour over cloud production, that also has a visually striking appearance thanks to the gold accents, then this could very well be the RDA for you, with 19.5mm or 24mm (AFCR) sizing.

There have been several small but noticeable improvements to the original FD concept, helping to create a smoother and more flavoursome vaping experience that is without question worthy of the upgrade.

And, if like me you prefer to keep a check on the condition of your coils and cotton, then this open view design of the chamber (thanks to the Pyrex glass wall) allows easy viewing of all the internal components at a single glance.

The Package And What You Can Expect

Monstruito RDA 1pc
Beauty ring 1pc
Regular pin 1pc
BF pin 1pc
Screwdriver 1pc
Extra glass tank 1pc
Extra O-rings 5pcs
Extra hex screws 2pcs
Organic cotton 1pc
Pre-made coil 2pcs

Tank Specs

Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
Removable 5.5mm Bore Drip Tip
Pyrex glass shell
Press Fit Top Cap
5mm Deep Juice Well
PEEK Insulator
O-Ring Secured
Removable 24mm Adjustable Airflow Control Ring
Three Configurable Air slot Sizes
Ten 1mm Internal Airholes
Dual 12mm by 1.5mm Air slots
DP Height: 8.15mm
Height: 24.5mm (without DP)
Tank Diameter: 19.5mm
Base Diameter: 19.7mm
AFC-Ring Diameter: 26mm
Two Post Build Deck
Single Terminal Per Post
3mm Diameter Per Terminal
Top Mounted Hex Screws
Bottom Feed Ready Centre Pin

Latest Available Coil Options

Coil Master Comp Wire.

Coil Master Comp Wire is made from Fe-Cr-Al-Si alloy. Each roll includes 10 feet of wire.

The new Coil Master Comp Wire was specifically designed for advanced users who desire dense vapor production and pure flavour.

With a larger heating area and lower resistance when compared to other wires it offers bigger clouds and faster ramp up time!


Global SGS quality & safety certified
1600 ℃ Melting point, strong and sturdy
Faster heating
Refreshingly clean looking after dry burning


Coil AWG: 22ga;24ga;26ga;
Package contents:1*10ft/3m wire;3*Japanese Cotton

For a detailed description of the functionality and vaping options available with this RDA please refer to the included user manual.

Retail Price for the Monstruito Flying Saucer RDA V2 $30.00 £ 25.00

Tools Of The Trade & Safety Information

You might find this range of calculators provided by Steam Engine particularly useful along with a host of accessories on offer to you and manufactured by Coil Master for building and testing.

People can suffer from allergies to chemicals that may be present in the makeup of certain types of E-liquids or produced in their vapour. People can become sensitive to, or even allergic to Nickel or Titanium used in Temperature Controlled designed coils. Seek professional medical advice before using any of the products used in my reviews.

In this review, I have used a selection of E-Liquids from Five Pawns impressive range of assorted flavours. A review of these coming soon, and most definitely worth a mention here as well.

Bang For Your Buck

Building The RDA

The Monstruito is a multifunctional RDA that supports a variety of coil types and as I have already mentioned is a squonk ready RDA. Building on this two post deck with one 3mm terminal per post is pretty straightforward.

However, a few small improvements could help to increase the speed and efficiency when carrying this out as I will mention in the conclusion.

To start off with remove the top cap which is a press fit design plus the surrounding glass wall and loosen the hex screws on the top of both posts.

Insert the coil/coils into the 3mm single terminal on each post, making sure one end connects to the positive post and the other end is attached to the negative post. Tighten the screws back up to secure each coil into place removing any excess wire with your cutters.

Repeat this process on the opposite side with a dual coil build and you should now have both positioned ready to insert the organic cotton. Also, align the coil/coils if they are not yet in a horizontal position.

Make sure each of the coils is centred over both of the bottom airflow inlets (five per side) for maximum vapour production and flavour.

Remember at this point to make sure that the coils are not directly touching either of the posts or could come into contact with the outer casing when it is replaced, causing a short.

Use your Coil Master 521 TAB ohm’s metre to check the resistance of your build and check for shorts before test firing the coils.

Next, use 521 TAB to pulse the coils, using ceramic tweezers if required to make any small adjustments to the spacing of each to remove any visible hotspots, whilst looking for an even glow across each of the coils surface areas.

Cut one or two strips of organic cotton to length depending on whether you have chosen to use either one or two coils in your build and insert these through each of the coils, making sure you have allowed enough at both ends to fit into the 5mm juice well below.

And finally, apply your e-liquid making sure the coil/coils along with the organic cotton are painted sufficiently, filling the 5ml juice well up from around the side of the deck.

Replace the Pyrex glass outer casing carefully once again, making sure that neither of the coils are touching either the posts or the glass, as I have already mentioned and you should be just about ready to go and don’t forget to set the airflow to suit your preferred style of vaping.


The Good

Apart from it’s extremely cool appearance? The Monstruito RDA is a well-designed and manufactured piece that offers the user a platform which will help to enhance the flavour reproduction of their chosen E-Liquid.

Remember, this particular RDA is all about flavour and not clouds although it can produce these very well as and when required to do so.

I really liked the idea of being able to check the condition of my coils and cotton thanks to the surrounding Pyrex chamber wall and it looks fresh with a new build in place.

Compared to the earlier version you will notice that the size of the air holes has been increased helping to make this a smoother and more flavoursome vaping experience.

The 510-drip tip is secured into place by two O rings and I personally found it comfortable to use. In fact, all points on this RDA that use O rings (top cap, glass and bottom cap) fit securely which reflects on the craftsmanship used in their manufacture.

Removal of the top cap and base for fixing the airflow control has also taken a novel approach too, with a press fit design removing the need to unscrew it every time you want to fill the tank with E-Liquid.

Wicking of the E-Liquid is extremely good so I could not fault it in this area and with a 5mm juice well there is ample room for your juice.

For those of you who did not purchase the original V1 version and enjoy a more intense flavour over cloud production then this is going to suit your tastes. And if you happen to be the owner of the Fat Daddy Vapes design then the V2 is worthy of the upgrade.

The Bad

A few small points here would most definitely not go amiss on a V3 in my opinion.

Firstly, having three fixed airflow sizes restricts the user’s choice and requires you to remove the tank each time you wish to adjust it. A simple rotating airflow control ring would have been the better option here offering the user a little more choice and flexibility.

That said, the airflow options that are available will suit the vast majority of vapers and I found a setting that was restrictive enough for me.

Secondly, the inclusion of a velocity style deck with two terminals per post instead of one would also have been helpful when securing a two-coil build.

And The Downright Ugly

Nothing to report here. It’s a very well-constructed RDA that can function as a normal RDA or on a squonking device thanks to the included bottom feed ready centre pin.

The Coil Master Monstruito Flying Saucer RDA V2 is One for the flavour chaser so be sure to give it a try!

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